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To “Sit” Or Not To “Sit” – Meditation Done Right

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Meditation done right? When I first started the MKE a few years back, something called “the sit” was emphasized from day one. I had heard of meditation, but this was different. I was being asked to sit completely still for 15 minutes every day. If my mind “raced” with thought, just be mindful of it and reconnect with the present.

I wondered to myself, “What in the world does this have to do with manifesting my dreams?” Isn’t there just a button I can push? Isn’t there just a “magic potion” someplace? No. I was about to learn something extremely powerful.

Manifesting My Goals & Dreams

My first few experiments with “the sit” were, to be blunt, chaotic. Within the 1st couple of minutes, I was thinking about emails that needed to be sent, about the current state of things politically, about what to eat for dinner, about……well……EVERYTHING but manifesting my goals and dreams.

And that was the key. Haanel states that “focused attention brings about what you have your attention on”, while “unfocused attention creates confusion for your subconscious”. The bottom line is that, in order for your subconscious to manifest what you want, it needs to be focused on it.

Focus on Our Dreams

This may sound ridiculously obvious. It is. We humans make it difficult. We scroll through social media, we listen to the news at all hours of the day and night, we text, we email. We actually do everything BUT focus on our dreams.

If you don’t believe me, get an app for your phone called “Screen Time”. It’ll measure, down to the minute, the amount of time you’re accessing social media. If you’re like me, the results will shock you. The average person spends at least 1 hour daily scrolling through their Facebook news feed. 2 hours daily…..let that sink in…..Am I picking on Facebook? No. It’s DESIGNED to get you hooked, and it does it very well.

meditation done right

Take 15 minutes from that one hour and sit still. Imagine your dreams having ALREADY come true. This is meditation done right. How would you feel? Feel those feelings…..intensely. Be in the moment.

Haanel tells us that “the sit” put us into alignment with the Universe….or God….or Infinite Intelligence. You can call it what you will.

Control Your Mind – Meditation Done Right

If you don’t control your body, you’ll never control your mind. And your mind is where your dreams come into physical existence. Shut off the world for 15 minutes daily and simply be one with your purpose. Engage in meditation done right. Don’t worry about how it’ll come into being. That’s for your subconscious to figure out and your wish is its command.

Everyone you’ve been reading and hearing from on here learned how to sit. I would argue that few of us actually liked it when we started. What we loved was our purpose being realized. You will too.

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About the author

Scott Transue has been a member of the MKE since 2017. Through the course, he was able to clearly define his needs and life goals, consistent with his personality. He resides in Las Vegas, NV and is a native of upstate NY (Binghamton and Albany). He owns his own fully-remote tax practice, which manifested using the tools provided in the MKE. He is also active in consumer direct marketing and real estate. His goal in becoming a Guide is to "pay it forward", helping others to fully manifest their "personal Kauai".

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