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Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Life Coach And A Master Guide

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The number one reason I love being a life coach and master guide is because I love to give. It is so beautiful and rewarding to be able to give without expectation of reciprocity from the channels I enrich.

I love most that I am challenged to give without getting caught and then to receive something back from God because of it. It’s beyond my greatest and biggest imagination.

Second, I love being a life coach and master guide because it is entirely possible to really find correlation in everything. I find that because I focus on the beauty and the good of everything, even challenges and awkward situations becomes a gift of patience and faith.

Third, I also love being a master guide and life coach because of the growth I experience in finding the challenge of a crying child becomes a gift of joy by helping them see possibilities like I do.

The gift of letting someone else get something I wanted becomes a bigger gift of getting something I never even thought of going after.

Fourth, I love being a master guide and life coach because of the gift of masterminding with like-minded individuals three or four times a week is such a wonderful gift I did not expect to like, yet now love with all my heart.

The fifth reason I love being a life coach and a master guide is because I find it very interesting and rewarding to find the Law of Pure Potentiality and the Law of Giving and Receiving working together, building from one to the next.

More Benefits as Life Coach & Guide

The sixth reason I love being a master guide and life coach is because I get to apply everything I learn right away without fail like how Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success builds from the first law, which is the Law of Pure Potentiality, layering it one on top of the other all the way to the seventh Spiritual law which is the Law of “Dharma” or purpose in life, in my daily life.

Seventh, I love being a life coach and a guide because of how all experiences build from previous ones, not independently from one another, but congruently working together as part of a whole and complete plan of the universe, of God.

Eighth, I love being a master guide and life coach because I used to have a hard time receiving a gift or a compliment from anyone. Fortunately, I learned that receiving is also giving others their flow of giving and receiving, and that I have essentially blocked other’s blessings by not being grateful of their gift or compliments. I am so grateful I learned to receive compliments and all gifts, big or small from anyone.

Ninth, I love being a master guide and life coach because as a guide in the Master Key Experience (MKE), I get to help other people, just like me, who are hungry for change. I get to help others who are on a journey of self-discovery, so you can clarify what you truly want and achieve it with the least effort.

Tenth, I love being a life coach and a master guide because of the community.

It is a community that lifts, build-up, helps, and guides without undue influence.

The guides, master guides and staff of the Master Key Experience course are some of the most giving and non-judgmental group of individuals you are going to come across.

The connections are genuine and authentic.

I always had self-confidence yet as I get older, I let other’s opinion of me and past experiences sometimes change that self-confidence into self-doubt, unknowingly. I apply what I have learned from the Master Key Experience and use the Law of Substitution when that feeling of self-doubt appears.

I am now able to recognize it quite easily and replace it quickly with positivity and self-confidence every time because it is now a habit, and it gives me a smile on my face every time.

I love being a master guide and master life coach because I get to put to practice what I learn daily. The more I put to practice my positive mental attitude, the more my self-confidence increases and the better guide and helper I become to the intern guides assigned for me to help and assist.

In the past, this Law of Practice was non-existent and more of a chore in my life. Now, because of all the practical applications and habits taught in the MKE, I love practicing and the Law of Practice is now a daily part of my life. This is another reason I love being a master guide because I get to share the joy of the Law of Practice to the intern guides and the members of our tribe.

I have enjoyed so many other examples of giving and receiving. In addition, I learned about getting quiet in the silence, which was a difficult exercise in the beginning, is now a wonderful habit I thoroughly enjoy twice daily and for longer periods of time than when I first started.

You or anyone may ask, how did I find the knowledge and the strength to apply that knowledge in my life? The answer is simple.

The Master Key Experience course and all the related teachings by Mark Januszewski and his wife, the Fabulous Davene, and staff and guides at Training Solutions LLC, takes me to a new and exciting chapter of my life daily. As a life coach and master guide, I learn faster and deeper of the secrets of the Universe and God’s ultimate plan for my life.

A Call to Action

As I continue to learn and become better as a master guide and life coach, I become a better observer of the world around me. I become and pay better attention to following this way of life.

So, I challenge you dear reader to come check this out because you finding this blog and reading it is no coincidence, it is providence.

As an example of how my life have changed, here is a blog I wrote about one of my heroes – Gwen Shamblin Lara.

I could add hundreds more of those who are not only winning but living a life of “Bliss” because of what they are learning from the MKE and the skills they are putting into practice daily, yet I believe that the best way is; you finding it out for yourself by accepting a scholarship into the program.

Are you ready to answer the call to your own hero’s journey? Do you believe that you can help change the trajectory of someone’s life?

Then get on the waiting list by clicking here: Master Key Experience, the next course starts in late September. Come check it out. It is only available once a year. I promise you will be happy you did.

When you do, you will receive a FREE tool and start the same way I started–with a mind shift you will experience applying the 7-DAY MENTAL DIET.

With the 7-day mental diet, you will be prepared for this course. You are going to be grateful that you did.
Thank you!

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Elena can help you direct, nurture, and set your goals quickly, respectfully and with peace in your heart every day. As a life coach, she guides and encourages you to take the action needed to joyfully manifest your dreams and goals into reality.

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