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Transformation: The Magic in YOU

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I have always been fascinated by these incredible magic tricks executed by great magicians, like Harry Houdini or David Copperfield.

One day, someone revealed one of David Copperfield’s famous tricks, the disappearance of the Statue of Liberty in New York. The spectators were seated on a huge floating platform with no visibility on their left and right sides, but with a perfect view on the Statue of Liberty in front of their eyes. 

When everyone was on board, a majestic music started, while the front view was covered by a big white sheet, on which a film was projected…

The film and the music lasted during the time needed by the magician to steal the Statue…

Then, when the big white sheet was slowly removed, the flabbergasted spectators had only an empty sea in front of their eyes…Amazing!!

So, What Was the Magic Trick?

Well, as always in magic tricks, the attention of the spectators was diverted, in this case by the music and the film, while the illusion was created.

During the time the music and the film lasted, a slow and imperceptible rotation of the floating platform went on until a new vision angle on an empty sea was obtained for all the spectators. It was as simple as that!

In our daily life, we also often let our attention divert from our dearest interests.

And when this happens, we are easily accusing the economy, the politics, the media, or anything else relevant to the River of Dreams, to be responsible for our distraction and our resulting troubles.

Of Course, You Know the Truth

We are the ones who allowed our attention to be diverted in the first place, consciously or unconsciously.


Because we are the only ones having 100% of control on our attention.

That being said, everybody knows that knowledge does not apply itself and that there are daunting sources of distractions out there every day, month, year, decade and lifetime.

A Virus, pandemic, social distancing, vaccines, health pass, you name it! All topics that appear so vital to our existence that we can’t avoid giving it a significant part of our attention, almost every day.

Did you notice how the people in all countries of the world are currently polarized in two categories around all these topics?

  • One group of people is fearing the virus and believes in the importance of the vaccines.
  • One group of people believes that all this is just setting the ground for the instauration of a worldwide dictatorship and are fearing to lose their freedom.

The next question which comes to mind is thus: “Who is right and who is wrong?”

Attempting to answer this question would be a big mistake and a huge lost of time and energy.


Because people in each of the two groups are entirely polarized by their beliefs and their fears, and there is no easy pathway for them to agree and harmonize their minds on a common ground.


I found an interesting metaphor illustrating a better issue to this “talking past each other” situation.

Lesson of the Car Battery

Everybody knows how a car battery is designed…an airtight box filled with acid and two electrodes as poles plunging into it.

Now imagine humanity being like a battery, with its two poles being the two groups of people described above.

Remember that everybody in each pole is filled with fear. Quite interestingly, everyone maintaining a permanent feeling of fear creates acidity in their body! 

But let’s go one step further: What is a battery made for?

Essentially, to create a stream of electricity.

In comparison, our two groups of people cannot create a stream of electricity, but they could certainly produce another kind of stream, which could restore harmony and peace between all the parties.

Do you have any idea about what kind of stream this could be?

Here is a Hint

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Albert Einstein

Yes, you got it, we are talking about a stream of consciousness!

So, instead of remaining polarized by fear and staying stuck in one of the battery poles, each of us could choose instead to become the stream itself, using its power and energy to raise his/her level of consciousness.

Those human beings who are doing this automatically contribute to the elevation of the consciousness of their community, hence of the whole of humanity.

Furthermore, the means exist for every person of goodwill to do this literally effortlessly.

How? Just by focusing on becoming a self-directed thinker, meaning someone who acquired the skills to escape from the River of Dreams exclusively made of “other’s ideas”… and who is capable of listening to his/her own inner voice…

This is the reason why I am so passionate about sharing the Master Key Experience with every person who is curious and courageous enough to live it.

Because the principles and the practices learned during this unique experience are the best of the best to help all earnest human beings to raise their consciousness and become part of the solution rather than indefinitely remaining a piece of the problem! 

I can’t resist paraphrasing the famous “Be water, my friend!” from Bruce Lee (if you haven’t seen him yet explaining this, look at this link, you will love it!

“Be conscious, my friend, be conscious!”

With love,


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About the author

Luc is a trainer and mentor in individual transformation towards a harmonious and joyful lifestyle. He has experienced numerous transformations during his life; software engineer, successful corporate consultant, efficient networker, entrepreneur, Integrative Energy therapist. Luc is a happy family father, and currently a fulfilled trainer and MKE master guide. In the realm of individual transformation everything is possible, providing you believe in it. Are you ready?

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  • love this Luc & “Be water, my friend!” from Bruce Lee – merci in bucketloads !
    During a recent 7 days on ‘country’ with some friends. After one of our ceremonies, I dreamt I was the waterfall that flowed through that country.
    ‘Country’ in aboriginal context includes all living things, stories, seasons, creation spirits, a place of belonging and a way of believing & when welcomed to country, it acknowledges the past & future (& the presence).
    It was a powerful dream and your blog has deeply enriched that – merci and love 🙂

  • Great metaphors and things to think about! Love the magic analogy and the battery, and always love a good Bruce Lee quote… Thank you for all these engaging thoughts! Well done!

  • Luc, thank you for your blog. You described very well the importance of being a self-directed thinker. The Master Key Experience truly does empower people to become self-directed thinkers.

  • Luc, your blog was very inspirational and had great gems in it. I like your example of a car battery. Also the reminder that we have a choice of either being stung with fear in a battery pole or being the steam itself and using it’s power to raise our level of consciousness. I enjoyed your quote from Albert Einstein: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What are the benefits from being water?

  • I just love your blog Luc! Especially your analogy with the conclusion and suggestion to be a part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.
    When we are self directive thinkers (and the Master Key Experience has outstanding tools and practices for becoming that), then we listen to our inner true selves. In that space exist only love, creative love, so fears do not have room or possibility to come to expression. With and in creative love are we oriented in faith to solutions.

  • Having read your post, Luc, I now know becoming a self-directed thinker is where it’s at, and for this thought alone (amongst so many others) I know for certain you are a “real cool cat!” 🙂

  • Thanks for allowing us a glimpse behind the curtain of the MKE in the beautiful blog. So grateful for your ongoing dedication to making the world a better place.

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