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Trust The Science?

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I guess we’ve all heard to just trust The Science countless times in the last few years, and I have to admit that it has bothered me.

So why is that?

Well, to start with, the term itself is contradictory and a borderline oxymoron, as it implies that there’s basically ‘a’ single science.

Now, everybody knows, that just a few centuries ago, scientists believed the earth was flat, and the sun and planets circulated around the earth. I.e. according to science at the time, this was true.

Then Gallileo (and a few others) came along and made contradictory observations, which first were ridiculed, then violently opposed, and, finally, accepted as obvious.

I’m sure every single one of us can come up with several other examples throughout history when there were changes in science. And that’s just the way science works!

Any real scientist attests to the fact that science is in a continuous state of evolvement, the basic idea is to create a hypothesis, and then make every effort to disprove that hypothesis until it can be added to the evolution of science.

More importantly, though, to blindly trust the science completely eliminates any kind of individual and discriminate thought. Which might just be the main reason for the ‘advice’ in the first place…

Questioning The Science

Just imagine a situation where people are encouraged to collect facts, compare these facts with each other, evaluate different possibilities, and take responsibility for their own decision after careful consideration and contemplation.

I’m sure You agree, that would be a situation very hard to control…

Let me end with one of my favorite quotes of all times, originating from the famous German physicist Max Planck:

“Science evolves one funeral at the time.”

Max Planck

And, I ask You to think about how this statement from one of the Greats in physics who completely disagreed with trusting The Science.

This is the second post a series of thoughts with regard to becoming aware and listening to “That Small Still Voice”. I sincerely hope that You enjoy the read and benefit from contemplating the content.

Please let me know!

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About the author

In addition to being a certified guide with the MKE since 2015, Claes uses his experience from his manual medicine practice in combination with extensive coaching and mentoring experience and being certified as a Color Code personal skills trainer and Colors for Leadership trainer, to inspire and facilitate people to become independent and discriminate thinkers working towards their dreams for the benefit of all.

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  • I couldn’t agree more, Claes! “Trust yourself” is more appropriate, and also even more important these days. A good thing is that MKE have the tools for anyone to start feeling truly trustworthy to themselves and to live their highest potential.

  • Thanks for the Max Planck quote, Claes! It’s fabulous and so true. Working in alternative medicine, I agree that what medicine does is and should be called “practice.” Thanks for Master Minding on what NOT to take for granted!

  • Yes, the true purpose of science is to constantly evolve to bring us a growing understanding of the reality in which we are living…The quote of Max Planck brilliantly illustrates how a few intelligent and perverse creatures have deflected the meaning of the word “science” in the mind of the unaware masses to make it an instrument of power and domination…exactly how they did it also with religions! Thanks Claes for sharing on this sensitive subject!

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