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Vision Manifestation – How does it function? Really?

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How does manifestation of a vision really function? To be honest with you: I do not have the proper answer on that question. But please, don’t stop reading, because I think I have something of value for you on this matter.

  1. First of all, I want to mention what is required to manifest whatever you are dreaming of, burning for or desire. First is of course to know and feel in your heart what you desire without any ”but’s”.
  2. Second is to imagine what you desire with a lot of details and emotions as if you live your ideal life right now. Feel deep in your heart how it is to live your ideal life.
  3. Third is to have faith it is going to happen. Period.
  4. Fourth is to be frequently repetitive with your imaginary picturing of your ideal life. Be so much repetitive so you kind of already live your ideal life. All the time.
  5. Fifth is to use artifacts that remind you of that ideal life and splash them out everywhere.
  6. Sixth and last is to be grateful for what you already have.

Vivid Fantasy

I have a crazy vivid fantasy, like a child, combined with a crazy positive mind that never gives up the hope. That has helped me to realise my burning desires, to create manifestation, through the years. I would like to mention two examples from my life.

I went through a difficult separation a very long time ago. It was difficult because I was dumped and I was young and my son considered my fiancé as his father so his emotional well being relied on the fact that we lived together. I decided to move to a small town where everybody knew everybody so I could get help with my son.

I contacted the headmaster of the schools in that town and arranged for a meeting in order to express my son’s needs and to find a teacher that could meet his needs. I contacted the landlord to ask them to hold an apartment for me and I ended my contract with the apartment I had. I also quit my job which was to take care of children in the neighborhood.


We found the teacher and I started to pack everything for the move. There I was with three months left to live in my apartment and three months more to do my job as a day care taker of others’ children and an arrangement with a nice teacher and a new class for my son. And no apartment available in the new town.

I think a lot of people would despair. I didn’t. I believed so much in this arrangement so there wasn’t any doubt in my heart. This is step 4 and 6 of manifestation. I actually had a clear vision of the new life we should live together, my son and I.

I was in contact with the landlord on a regular basis but no available apartment in sight. Until there was just a few weeks left. Then suddenly there was the perfect apartment available for us and we could move without stress.

My son came to a calm class with a teacher that could meet his needs, and found new friends, and I got several months to be with my son, and later to hop on an education that really turned my life and helped me to grow to a person strong in mind.

A Special Welcome Gift AND Manifestation of a Vision

Another situation was recently, also about a move. I have had a vision for many years to move to Gotland when I got old, a Swedish island that I love (I’m a little old now) to have more time and be able to write more books. I had in mind what kind of apartment and also that I should have a bedside cabinet, step 2 of manifestation. Well, I got the apartment this summer (perfect timing), got rid of my old bed and started looking for a bedside cabinet on the island.


There was no store selling bedside cabinets on the whole island! So the choice was to pay extra costs for shipping the bedside cabinet from the mainland, and above all, the price had gone up dramatically because of the world situation 2022. A friend of mine suggested to look for a used bedside cabinet.

How big were the odds that a person would sell a used bedside cabinet on the Island? Not big at all. In fact very small. Did I despair? How could I when I had such a clear mental picture of ”my” bedside cabinet in my new apartment?

No despair, but thinking it would not be quite as I had imagined. It got even better! I found an old advertisement with exactly the same bedside cabinet I had in mind and wanted. The lady who was selling it lived in the same town as me, how convenient.

It turned out that nobody had even contacted the lady who wanted to sell her bedside cabinet. The advertisement had been out for several weeks. I got it for half the price and her father helped me to mount the bedside cabinet in my apartment. For free!

Manifestation – The Point Here

I could give you hundreds of stories like these two because my life is like this, but I settle with them. There is a point with my stories. Many times life is challenging you when you are on your way to your desired life. And many succumb too easy to the challenges and abandon their dreams and desires. Don’t! Hold your faith and keep your desired life alive in your imagination.

After going thru the challenges, it can turn out to be even better than you have imagined. What would have happened if I gave up my dream about my bedside cabinet, thinking there were too many obstacles? Those obstacles led me to my dream bed for half the price, no shipping cost and mounting the bed for free.

Another thing is that if you too easily give up on your dreams you will never know how your ideal life could turn out to be, right? And also are you telling yourself that you don’t have faith enough? How do you think that experience functions next time you want to manifest your desires?

Get yourself habituated to hold on with faith to whatever you want to manifest. Another good thing is that when you fill yourself with these wonderful and happy thoughts, mental pictures and feelings there is no room left for worries about things that MIGHT happen and which you don’t want to happen. And remember to be grateful for what you already have, even the smallest taken for granted things.

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About the author

Monica has more than 20 years of experience of life guiding and coaching and is passionate about helping people make reality of whatever change they desire in their lives. Her background is a longterm specialized education at the University. Today is she working full time in her own company, living her dream which she credits the Master Key Experience.

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