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We Create What We Think: Our Minds’ Creations

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We create what we think. And it took me quite a journey that began over half a century ago, an unknown journey through one’s time in the flesh to finally understand this. The early years as a child were amazing and very adventurous!

Looking back at those years it is fascinating to see how fearless and carefree I was. Nothing was ever too challenging, nothing was out of the question!

The teen years that followed those completely fearless years as a child were a little different. It was still a fairly adventurous time, but I became more reserved about some things, just as many do.

As the latter part of those teen years came to be, there was even less of that carefree and adventurous being still left inside of me. I know now, today that is, that it was the cement that had been poured on me for those first few decades.

The cement? What’s the cement? It that stuff that’s been poured on us throughout our lives that in essence cripples the child within and brings fear ever present. Maybe not the description that you’d hear when properly explained, but my guess is that most of you reading this will understand that part in the words I’ve written.

One year before the 3rd decade of my life began, I still had enough left in me to start my own company without a second thought. But by the time that third decade had passed, there wasn’t much adventurous thoughts left. It was as if ALL the fears and other negative things that one could find had finally taken over me. The cement had hardened! Even though there were times that I’d break out of that cement a little, it would harden back on top of me straight away!

We create what we think

So why then, why when I was about to start my 6th decade, just after my 50th birthday, would I have jumped into another course that is supposed to help me? Was it knowing that those that created this Master Key Experience thing were held in such high regard by others that I maybe subconsciously knew that I needed it?

Was it the universe grabbing ahold of me, in a sense, and telling me that I needed it? I’m not sure on exactly why, but next I’ll tell you what I know came from it, what the Master Key Experience helped me find within myself!

We create what we think

I had been on some sort of self-sabotage path without ever realizing that it was me who had essentially caused it. I had no clue that by allowing the cement of the world and all the negative things to consume my mind, I was allowing the not so good stuff to keep rolling in. I did that without a clue! And it kept coming, one thing after another as it was beginning to bury me in that place and time.

I would eventually come to know this as ‘The Law of Growth’ or as most might call it, ‘The Law of Attraction.’

The Law of Growth: whatever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies.

— Mark Januszewski

I’m certain that I knew of that law, yet I never considered that one dwelling on or thinking often of the not so good things, they’d create more of the same to enter into their world!

The Law of substitution would’ve helped prevent some of that aforementioned stuff if I’d known of it…

The Law of Substitution: We cannot think about two things at the same time. If a negative thought enters your mind, try to think of God instead… [I paraphrased this, but you likely get it]

— Drew Timm / Mark Januszewski

That is a part of the Seven Laws of the Mind, which I will save most of for another blog post in the future. I will, however, take a moment to mention that directly from two of the key people that created and developed the Master Key Experience as it exists today, they wrote a book with that same title this year and it’s a number one best seller! (Thank you Lori and Mark for a further elaboration on the 7 Laws of the Mind).

Back to what I was writing about. We create what we think. There’s a theory, much more realistic than just in theory, that we create the things that we think of the most. We are the single most contributor of what comes to be in our lives. Some might recognize that best if I said that we manifest things in our lives.

So what happened, was when one negative thing would show, I’d think about it. But not just thinking, I’d almost dwell on it. Then a plethora of the likes would follow it!

Thinking about that now, I can’t help but think of all the times we’ve heard someone say, “Why does all this stuff happen to me?” and it seems that it continues one thing after another for them. What if instead we thought of something better or something resolute? What if there were a way to change the trajectory of those type of things? After all, we create what we think.

The Key to Mastering our Thinking

There is a way and it only took me about a month of the Master Key Experience to start seeing that. And in only a few months I began to really experience it in its active sense! In part, there were these ‘child like’ exercises that we were asked to do during the Master Key Experience and I took them seriously none the less.

I didn’t see all the hidden meanings or purposes behind them, but I had faith and trust that there really was a reason behind it. And there really was a reason behind it! And having trust and faith were a key part of it all for me!

So there I was, in the middle of that downhill spiral when I realized that my newfound way of thinking had just given me a random bump forward. It wasn’t anything that could’ve existed before that time nor without having actual focus on the good coming back into my life. There were so many random parts to it that it couldn’t have come from any possible way except through what I’d been learning and implementing!

We create what we think

And it changed the trajectory of what had been a year about to end in turmoil into one of the single most blessed years of my half century in the flesh! It was dual parted as well, half financial and half physical!

We create what we think and I had evidence! I get tears in my eyes writing about it… profound and impacting realities that are now a part of my future me showing up in the present moment! I could write another blog about at least a dozen things, but instead I’ll add to this with a few parts of what came to be so.

After a few random things just showed up and changed my trajectory, I truly began to have even more faith and trust in the Master Key Experience and those child like activities. So much so, that when the week before Christmas of last year arrived I used several parts of what I’d been learning in order to try and effect the miraculous.

One week later, only one week, the miraculous actually came to be so! Even though there had to be at least thousands (if not tens of thousands) of random things from over 35 years that all fell into place at the exact moment, it all happened!

I’m certain that one could find a more detailed explanation of those things in my blogs from my time taking the Master Key Experience if they wanted to look for them.

However, I think that it would be the single best thing that you or anyone you know could ever do in your life if you were to go through the Master Key Experience just as I did! So that you too can experience things that will change your life in the absolute best way possible, for the better, to be happier in every way!

So now that I no longer think of the negative things when they show up, the resolve always appears straight away after them! My focus is no longer on those not so good things, but instead on the better things that will come to be!

There’s so much that comes to one that goes through the Master Key Experience that it would take me dozens of blogs to tell you all of it! So if you’ve read this whole blog, if you’re at this part of it, take a chance on your future self and a happier life and go through the Master Key Experience!

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About the author

Drew Timm is a minister, published author, life coach, entrepreneur, and building contractor. As a confident builder, both of structures and people, he finds his life harmonious with a purposeful journey in the service of others. After manifesting his life’s goals and dreams, he decided to share that wisdom with others as an MKE guide.

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