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Wealth is an Offspring of Power

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How can Wealth be an Offspring of Power?

The very first time I heard this, my reaction was to totally revolt against it, “Wealth an Offspring of Power”, could it really be true? Until I dug deep and realized that the meaning I had given the statement was not the Truth I believed it to be.

My old conditioning was: Wealth and Power are not a good combination to have. I gave it the meaning of oppression, selfishness, misery, etc., instead of Wealth being an offspring of Power.

Finding the Master Key Experience (MKE) and this community of self-directed thinkers, gave me a perspective that I had never heard before. It gave me that new perspective that Wealth, an offspring of Power, is a good thing, no, no, no. It is a GREART thing. It is essential and the Truth.

Wealth and Healthy Power

I learned from my fellow members and this year from the staff and fellow guides that having power is good and to be powerful is a wonderful attribute to seek and achieve. Week 19 of The Master Key System written by Charles Haanel taught me that my previous thought about power was fear and that it is a very powerful form of thought it can affect every part of our body.

I also learned that to overcome this fear, is to become conscious of the power which is the cause and not wealth itself, it is an offspring of power. In addition, if I learn and put into practice the information in this lesson, I will develop the sense of power which has ever been the distinguishing mark of genius.

Wonderful, I thought, I like the part about having the distinguishing mark of genius. Well, who wouldn’t? Right?

Anyway, this is how it all started to open my eyes to things I thought were Truth but are nothing but limiting beliefs that hold me back from achieving the ME, my God and Creator have created me to be.

Now, I am truly excited to explore this long-forgotten part of me that was fearful to be powerful.

That part of me that was fearful to touch that power that may burn me or make me be someone who I might not like in the end.

So, I start with this search for the Truth about Wealth, an offspring of power, which is now no longer a haphazard adventure or stumbling through life like walking around in unfamiliar surroundings in the dark.

Instead, it is now a systematic process, is logical in its operation, and every kind of experience is given a voice in shaping its decision. Because we are seeking the Truth, we are now seeking the ultimate cause.

Seeking the ultimate cause, power, instead of just the effect which is wealth, an offspring of power, knowing that every human experience is an effect, we can then ascertain or figure out the cause, and if we find this cause, we can consciously control the effect and the experience is within our control also.

Once this knowledge became real and accepted by my mind and heart, it gave me the power to truly accept it and to move forward and embrace this newfound power inside of me and the belief that Wealth is the effect and Power is the Cause.

How revolutionary and empowering to learn and accept. Wealth is an Offspring of Power. This new perspective can positively impact our planet as more and more people apply Power for good versus for fear or control over others.

The more I study Haanel and really dig deep into The Master Key System, the better my understanding of his teachings. The inexplicable thing that has happened is that my empathy and love for those things I found important before have exponentially expanded! My initial thought was by going deeper into this study would diminish or eliminate it altogether. So grateful for this new perspective.

What a beautiful revelation that turned out to be. My understanding and relationship with God, my creator is deeper and more vital in my life now than ever. My mind goes right away to the good I can do with the Wealth, an offspring of power, that God is pouring into my life.

I find myself thinking on a larger scale and dreaming of changing the world in a more profound way than ever before, not for personal accolades but for the positive impact it can make in this world we live in.

A Call to Action

As I continue to learn about how wealth, an offspring of power, and apply these principles to action, I get better results and I expect more and better results daily. I now embrace that power. Here is another example of what I am learning from Mark and Davene, co-founders of the Master Key Experience and the group of guides and staff members at MKE. Here is a blog I wrote about the Law of Attraction.

I could add hundreds more from those who are not only winning but living a life of “Bliss” because of what they are learning from the MKE and the skills they are putting into practice daily, yet the best way is for you to find it out for yourself by accepting a scholarship into the program.

Are you ready to answer the question? Do you believe that Power is the Cause and Wealth is an offspring of power? Then, hop on the early notification list here: Master Key Experience for the next course that starts in late September. Check it out. It is only available once a year. I promise you will be happy you did.

By taking this action, you will receive a FREE tool called the 7 Day Mental Diet which will prepare you for the course. You are going to be grateful that you did.
Thank you!

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Elena can help you direct, nurture, and set your goals quickly, respectfully and with peace in your heart every day. As a life coach, she guides and encourages you to take the action needed to joyfully manifest your dreams and goals into reality.

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  • What an inspiring way to view Power as a cause and Wealth as a result of that power..and all in healthy ways to benefit our planet! Thanks for sharing this empowering perspective with us Elena!

  • Elena, I feel you evolving as I read this wonderous blog of yours. Congratulations, to this realization! Simply, Beautiful, keep up the peaceful journey you have found in the MasterKey Experience!

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