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Welcome 2023! A Year of Magnificent Change…

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Welcome 2023! A Year of Magnificent Change.

For the Christmas holiday season this year I decided to spend 2 weeks near Denver, Colorado with my immediate family.

At any given time, there were at least 6 of us, sometimes 10, all gathering together in Joyful times. My son, two of my daughters, one son-in-law, 2.5 grandkids, my eldest sister, and my nephew and niece-in-law. We watched movies, played in the park, went sledding in the snow, made snow angels, drove up into the mountains, cooked and ate together, and generally had a most Magical time.


For me- this family time is what life is all about. I’ve missed this the last several years, and am glad to have the opportunity to be close to my family again.

I chose to make a road trip to/from San Antonio, Texas, and WHOA… I currently live a bit too far!

Hmmm… there’s a major change in Perspective, and Priorities, in the air once again!

Here in the The Master Key Experience we are doing the Franklin Makeover. For an entire week we focus on one word (an attribute) we would like to grow more in ourselves, embracing change.

•My first week was Taking Initiative.

•Then last week was Kindness week, and Whew! As a group of collective individuals, boy, did we nail that challenge!

•This week? Decisiveness...

In the reading this week, sentence 28 states that…

“If you desire to visualize a different environment, the process is simply to hold the ideal in mind, until your vision has been made real; give no thought to persons, places or things; these have no place in the absolute; the environment you desire will contain everything necessary; the right persons, and the right things will come at the right time and in the right place”

Charles Haanel, The Master Key Experience, 16:28

Yes! My thoughts suddenly turn to my Definite Major Purpose, and my Goal poster!

There, in my own writing, my own voice, and my own artwork, there is a mountain retreat. I say…

I turn to Og Mandino, and begin reading Scroll IV. One paragraph stands out above the rest…

“I AM Nature’s Greatest Miracle. I am not on this earth by chance. I am here for a purpose, and that purpose is to GROW into a Mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth, I apply all of my efforts to become the highest mountain of all, and I strain my potential until it cries for Mercy.”

Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World, p. 70

Indeed…. Exactly where I AM at, today.

Learn how YOU too are nature’s greatest miracle. Join us for the next session of the Master Key Experience and get personal help and lots of inspiration to bring the change you want in your life. Click here and start getting tips now!

Until next time!


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As a certified MasterKey Experience Guide, Brenda Buck is a personal development coach and writer who is passionate about helping people grow into the best version of themselves. She helps other entrepreneurs grow, scale, and leverage their own businesses by connecting them with outstanding supportive communities.

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