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What Does Back to Basics Mean? Victory

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What does back to basics mean?  I often heard this term when some very wise leaders engaged our team in problem-solving.  To this day, that concept still leads me on my journey and I would encourage everyone to do the same — when they run into an issue, or when they run into an obstacle holding them back or when they just want to make progress.

I have built a fairly successful business using just that philosophy.  Getting back to basics can simplify an entire organization, can help individuals focus, can help you make sure you are  working from a foundation that will solidly hold whatever you build.

What Does Back to Basics Mean?

So, what does back to basics mean?  It’s a return to a simpler way of doing something or thinking about something.  It’s stressing simplicity and adherence to fundamentals.  This is the foundation of my consulting business and the success available for all the Master Key Experience members.

On a more personal level, what does back to basics mean?  It’s habits for living for those whose lives have become complicated.  It’s putting attention on simple, important ideas or activities.

Simple?  Yes!  Easy?  Well, I’m not necessarily promising that.  But my friend Mark J loves to use the term “effortless”, and indeed it can be.

Formulas Help us Succeed

Remember back in school when we learned formulas for the area of a rectangle, circle, or a triangle; perimeters and volumes of shapes, all designed, practiced and refined to help us solve problems?  Once you got them down, solving problems became fairly effortless. There are  also formulas to help us determine profits, losses, geometry, trigonometry, probability, physics, all helping us to understand how things work. More importantly, they help us know how things WILL work so we can plan for any project and anticipate the outcome based on (in some cases) centuries of trial and error.

I work with manufacturing organizations, helping them to improve.  Some come to me frustrated when they try to implement Lean principles, and don’t get those results that they’ve read about in other organizations.  Instead, they get an expensive “flavor of the month” activity that falls flat causing discontent and hurting the organization instead of helping them.  What I’ve found is that they jump into implementation without having the foundation built first, without going back to basics to make sure this initiative will succeed, without applying the formula required for success.

The Master Key is based on absolute scientific truth and will unfold the possibilities that lie dormant in the individual, and teach how they may be brought into powerful action, to increase the person’s effective capacity, bringing added energy, discernment, vigor and mental elasticity.

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System

What does back to basics mean when it comes to formulas? Here’s some advice from Dave Bruns, of “Formulas are a powerful way to capture and save a working solution.  They let you repeat the solution again whenever you like, always with perfect accuracy. They are far better than your faulty memory.” is a website devoted to helping people conquer Microsoft’s Excel computer program, but I found Dave’s words to remind me of the habits the MKE members work on developing, and the specific formula for success they’re taught, using the basics.

what does back to basics mean

“Formulas help you translate your vision into reality. Ever felt like you can explain what you want to do in plain English, but you have no idea how to do it in Excel? Formulas let you build the analysis that’s in your head,” Dave Bruns suggests. If I were to guess how Mark J might edit this advice, it would look something more like, “Formulas help you translate your vision into reality.  Ever felt like you can explain what you want in plain English, but you have no idea how to do it?  Formulas let you build the success that’s in your head.”

THE Back to Basics Formula for Success

Mark and the Master Key Experience guides and staff help students to integrate the wisdom from The Master Key System, Think and Grow Rich, and Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude.  But the course is not just those three books.  His program integrates the philosophies and teachings that inspired these books and span centuries of wisdom, including those taught by the carpenter from Galilee, even those of Plato and Socrates.  Mark was trained by the incredible W. Clement Stone, the man responsible for Napoleon Hill’s success after Think and Grow Rich was first published, and he’s put the formula to the test in his own life and found massive success for himself and others.

This magic formula works 100% of the time for 100% of the people who do the work and apply it properly.  Mark has documented proof that this formula has helped more than 90% of his students achieve greater health, wealth, happiness, and manifestation of dreams that they never thought were possible previously.  What happened to the others?  They admittedly did not do the work and apply the formula in its entirety. And here is that magic formula, which to me, fully answers the question what does back to basics mean.

what does back to basics mean

Too many people try to just read the books and take a piece of the formula here or there and ignore the rest.  Well, just like solid formulas – chemical, mathematical, you name it, it only works if you use the ENTIRE formula and do it correctly.

So here is the explanation of each component so you can take steps to implement this formula for success and experience on your own the answers to what does back to basics mean.

1.  DMP – Be specific about what you want and write it out in 300 words or less.  Make sure it aligns with your purpose for being on the planet and your driving core motive. Use this link to find out, for free, what your driving core motive is.  During the class, Mark and his team go much deeper into how to determine your purpose and how to write a stellar DMP or (Definite Major Purpose).  You can start by checking out Napoleon Hill’s discussion of a DMP in Think and Grow Rich.  The other primary consideration is that your purpose statement must be backed with a burning desire.  Once it’s set, read it aloud three times a day with enthusiasm!

The student who gains an understanding of the mental laws which are unfolded will come into the possession of an ability to secure results hitherto undreamed of, and which has rewards hardly to be expressed in words.

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System

2.  WPOA – A Written Plan of Action includes the steps you must take every day to move you forward.  Without this plan, just like a trip, you won’t go anywhere without it.  Know where you’re going and write out your steps to get there.  Of course, a loving, supportive Universe, God, Infinite Intelligence, may open another pathway along your journey, but you have to at least get started.  The other trick to this is that your written plan of action must be expressed in continuous action.

3. PMA* – A Positive Mental Attitude is a critical component of success.  You cannot doubt, question, or allow negativity in your thoughts at all.  Click here to get a free copy of the 7-Day Mental Diet to help you learn how to do this properly.  Now this one, granted, it extremely tough, but you CAN do it!  So many others have!

4.  MMA – A Master Mind Alliance, which is what our community offers – partners, guides, coaches — all to help you, keep you on track and support you along the way.  This support can come in a variety of ways, but it’s essential that you have someone who understands, and operates, in the description of a Master Mind Alliance, described by Napoleon Hill,

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

Now It’s Your Turn

So how do you actually apply this formula? Here’s how my friend and fellow guide, Arlene, applied this magic formula to create amazement in her life.  She really understands the answer to what does back to basics mean and how to apply the simplest of formulas for success! 

Now it’s your turn.  Start putting this formula into your life and watch the magic of manifestation happen effortlessly.  Need help?  You can leave a comment here for us to get back to you, or sign up to be on the list for our next class!  You can’t buy it. It’s a scholarship-only course. We’ll send you an application in the fall. Meanwhile, wishing you success and a full understanding of what does back to basics mean! 

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About the author

From corporate employee and global manager to unemployed, Day Boswell has created her own successful, growing consulting business, helping organizations excel. She credits the Master Key Experience with much of her success. Her passion is serving as staff, master guide and personal coach, sharing the principles and tools from that course to support others in having successful journeys.

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    • Thank you, Davene. Just love how you and Mark pulled this together to help all of us finally have the life of our dreams!!

  • All your posts get right to the essence of MKE, Day! This one is no exception, though it is exceptional! Your featured image indicates the innate intelligence in all of us, and implies what our school system could be if geared to expand this inner knowing rather than further bury it. Personally, I don’t recall ever learning about phi, although it is basic number foundational to so much. A major reason why programs such as MKE are so incredibly important to fill in the gaps! 🙂

  • Day, there are so many great nuggets in your blog. I love how you presented this idea of Back to the Basics in various ways to anyone reading this can appreciate this truth. I couldn’t agree more about your emphasis on the importance of applying the formula accurately and properly. I am one of those who have reaped great benefit of Master Key Experience journey learning this great formula, applying it and sharing it. What a blessing it has been to be part of this amazing community! Thank you!

    • Esther, you are so kind! I appreciate knowing that my little snippet here might help someone else. I am so grateful to be a part of this special community, that’s how I met you!

  • Great blog, Day! I love how you showed how all aspects of life, from corporations to our personal issues, benefit from ‘going back to basics’ and applying the simple but proven formula results in changes that seemed out of reach. Thank you so much for bringing it ‘back to the basics’!

  • Well, you KNOW I loved this blog! Ahhh… that magic formula that’s made such a profound difference in both of our lives, time and time again… and will continue to do so. Thank you for breaking it down in such an eloquent way.. and for a powerful, insightful lead-in.

    “Wisdom for my Day”!! (get it?)

  • Day, your blog was very inspiring and enlightening. Your blog really illustrated the importance of maintaining & connecting your self daily with Back to Basics along with taking the steps needed to implement the formulas that will build your success. I enjoyed your blog thoroughly. How do you know what formulas are needed to build success in your life?

  • reading between the lines, Day, once we get clear about the back-to-basics approach, the scope of this formula is only limited by our imagination- mahallo for your lovely post.

  • Thanks for sharing this beautiful blog dear Day. I appreciate how you explain what it really means to go back to basics means. I love how you relate this simple saying to the MasterKey Experience and using it in your own life and business life. I’m thankful and grateful to hear your reading in its replay after church service tonight. Thanks again!

  • Who knew success was a simple as a formula?! That knowledge doesn’t apply itself, though — gotta get the right habits in line to make it all happen. Thanks, Day, for always keeping people on the path of progress!

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