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What is Your Decision? 4 Steps to Take Now

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Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

How many times have you found yourself in the same position over and over again, just hoping that something different will happen this time. No decision, is still a decision, a decision to stay where you are.  For change to happen, you need to make a different decision and take action!

This time you’re ready – you’ve planted your flag and made your first decision – I’m ready for change.  And once that’s done, and you’ve started down the chosen path life gets so much easier. Here’s how:

First Step: Ask the Right Questions to the Right People 

This is important!  You wouldn’t try to run a marathon without ever doing any running would you? Learn from those who have been in your shoes, they know the obstacles you will face and they can help guide you through them.

Second Step: Make the Decision as to What You Want 

It is a simple question, “What do you want?”  Yet so many of us cannot answer.  We spend too much time thinking about what we don’t want that we just end up feeling negative, stuck and uncertain. What are your dreams? What would make life awesome for you? 

Third Step: Prepare Yourself and Take Action

If you don’t prepare, there is a good chance it will never happen.  Take small steps towards your goal every day – just think of it as planting seeds in a garden that needs daily watering.  The garden doesn’t care what seeds are sown, it just grows whatever is planted.  You are the one in charge of planting, make sure that your seeds grow into something beautiful – which brings me on to my final step.

Fourth Step: Ask for Help When You Need It

Don’t try to do everything yourself, if something is holding you back ask someone for help.  They might be able to remind you why this is important to you, or help you find a path through your obstacle.

By thought, the thing you want is brought to you.  By action, you receive it.

Wallace D. Wattles

Life always gives us experiences which help us to learn and grow.  They often are disguised as challenges that we would rather not experience. 

One day, during a challenging time, I was listening to a podcast.  Mark J. was being interviewed and he spoke of the Master Key Experience (MKE).

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I loved his enthusiasm and the commitment in his voice.  I knew that the MKE was for me.  The best part was that I was going to have a Guide who would be with me every step of the way.  Someone who believed in me and would be there to help me.

I was very fortunate to find this amazing group of people who helped me to help myself to achieve my dreams.  They are here for you as well.  Scholarships are only available once a year – in September, so mark your calendar.

Today is the day, now is the time – time to make a change

What will you decide?

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About the author

Deb Barrett has created her own successful lifestyle coaching business. As a certified Life/Finance coach Deb helps you to set goals so that you achieve success. She inspires and encourages you to take the actions needed so that you can begin to live the life that you were designed to live.

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  • beautifully and cleary stated. Should be required reading, just great personal responsibility subtly woven in. Great post

  • Great post Deb! Yes, when improving our life is at stake, we have to do it by ourself, but we can’t do it alone, that’s something I learned from the MKE and its powerful alliance between members and guides…creating a tide which raises all (individual) ships. Thanks for your great insight!

  • Great post! Your steps make a lot of sense. I love that quote by Emerson… and I really like the other one you used: By thought, the thing you want is brought to you. By action, you receive it. -Wallace D. Wattles (I love Wattles.) Thinking about that. Thought brings it to you. Brings it into your realm. You still have to Take it. The grand master of our martial arts school used to say you don’t just earn your black belt, you have to take it. Thought brings it, action receives it. Love that. 🙂

  • I believe that Emerson quote that is so true! Great post- your steps make so much sense. I really love the Wattles quote too. (I love Wattles.) “By thought, the thing you want is brought to you. By action, you receive it.” … Our Grand Master in Martial Arts says regarding the black belt that you don’t just earn it. You have to take it. … So must take action to receive. Cool!

  • Great Post Deb! Simple steps to a marvellous and grand change! And I agree totally about the MKE. It’s a unique resource for backing you up on your journey to your true self and to your ideal life.

  • Deb, thank you for your blog. Thanks for giving us the blueprint to empower us to stick with our decisions and make our desired results become reality. The Master Key Experience can empower us to become our desired best selves if we choose to do so.

  • Deb, your blog was inspiring, very concise and compact with great gems. I also enjoyed the quote from Wallace D. Wattles, “By thought, the thing you want is brought to you. By action, you receive it.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What are the changes you want to make in order to manifest your desires & dreams?

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