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What is Your Purpose in Life?

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Do you ever wonder what your purpose in life is?  

Do you know your purpose like a bee does?  A bee doesn’t judge others or itself.  It does just what it needs to do.

What do you need to do to make the world a better place for the future generation? 

How can I find my purpose in life?

Let’s look at a few ideas in this blog:

  • What are things that motivate you – the reasons you get up in the morning?  
  • What influences your behavior and shapes your goals?  
  • What types of experiences create meaning? 
  • Lastly, what vocation sparks a passion in your soul?

If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion.  For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.

Bishop T. D. Jakes

I definitely agree with this quote, when looking at the things that motivate you, the passion that ignites your day. 

What motivates you and lights up your world? 

Is it doing something that you can be productive in doing? Is it using your gifts & talents? 

Are you even aware of what gifts & talents you have?   Is it feeling successful, and you can’t seem to get enough of doing that one thing? 

Is it trying to make our world a better place just like a bee does?  The bee focuses on what needs to be done.  

What are you focused on? Sad, to say these are some questions that can only be answered by you as you travel down the road of life. 

What influences your behavior?

Are you influenced by your family, your friends, your significant other, your spouse or your past experiences? Do you have a negative attitude and believe you can’t succeed because of failures in the past.  

Do you take failing as a final stoppage to anything new in your future instead of seeing failure as an opportunity to grow, get out of your comfort zone, and try something different.  

what is my purpose in life?
The world is in your hands.

Do you let your finances control any new opportunity or are you open to anything even if you had to travel or relocate to another country?

What shapes your goals? 

Is it your passion, your feelings of adventure or is it your parents screaming at you that you have the abilities to be a doctor, lawyer or something you are truly not interested in, but you feel an obligation because they are your “parents”?  

Do you even know what a goal is? 

Goals are a visionary process that includes a plan that keeps us headed in the right direction with the end results of fulfilling our purpose. 

Never again will I greet the dawn without a map. 

Og Mandino

Knowing your purpose drives your personal choices, decisions and is your map.  A goal is something you are passionate about, willing to strive for and should be aligned with your purpose.

What experiences create meaning to you? 

Is doing things that give you pleasure for example, giving a Christmas box full of food, a turkey, and toys to a needy family. Or perhaps giving money to help a person with their rent.  

Or success in accomplishing a project that you started but never finished. Or volunteering in your community so that the members in the community reap the benefits without expectation of reciprocity.  

Just being like the bee doing what needs to get done without a critical spirit but from the love in your heart.

What vocation sparks a passion in your soul? 

Here is where you need to look at your talents and your gifts. 

Being gifted refers to your abilities in academic subjects like science, math, and language. It is a natural ability.  The gifted person can easily perceive abstract and multipart ideas.  They have a widespread and comprehensive memory.  

Talented people have brilliant abilities in dance, music, design, sports, writing, and the fine arts.  They are also very imaginative and creative.  The talented people can be discovered by their quantitative and qualitative abilities.  

Now that you are aware of these notions, you need to add to it your strong compelling emotion and desires.  Become aware of the intensity of devotion in doing something that you love and how it sparks your inner-soul when you do this activity.  

What is your Spark?

Girl enjoying finding and sharing her purpose in life.

Do you enjoy this type of work to the point that even if you didn’t get paid for their efforts, you would still want to do the job?  Do you wake up each morning with enthusiasm about going to work?

I hope by reading this blog you’ve acquired more ideas on what might be your purpose, and that you begin to work on it.  Napoleon Hill summarizes what I was trying to say very nicely :

There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it. 

Napoleon Hill

You must also have the determination to persevere, no matter how long it may take you to manifest your purpose.  Good luck on your quest!

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About the author

Going from teaching to counselling taught Eulaine many rewarding lessons and developed her intuitiveness to be a listener and skilled problem solver. Eulaine loves sharing the Master Keys with others because it has helped her, and will help YOU, follow your heart and enjoy the moment.

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  • Eulaine, thank you for sharing how we can shape our world the way we want to. The link you provided provides preliminary information to someone on how to create whatever special world he or she wants. From your blog rover friend John.

  • With meticulous competence, Elaine, you’ve laid out this area of finding our life’s purpose with all the essential ingredients, and then blended them together like a true master chef might do! Bon appétit! 🙂

  • Enlightening. Something we spend a lot of time on in the Master Key Experience. Discovering this gives you the Master Key to your future. The program gave me a continuing purpose I was not aware of. Enjoy the course.

  • This is an amazing blog because it asks those “difficult” questions which are exactly what we all need in order to overcome the status quo of our lives and “bee” what we were created to be — without effort, judgment, or doubt.

  • Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing! Great food for thought and wish that everyone will find their purpose in life!!

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