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I read such a sweet little story once about a dandelion that had a dream and it reminds me of a beautiful transformation. It was a very strong dream, a desire, or rather, a vision to fly one day. The dandelion woke up every morning and the first thought was about flying high above in the sky. But the only thing the dandelion heard from others was that it was a weed, nothing of worth, even better to get rid of, no good, no use at all, so like many of us, transformation was not encouraged. But in spite of everything it heard, the dream lived in the heart of the dandelion, without impact from others’ derogatory wordings. It was like the dream was untouchable with its own strong emotions and power. Although the dandelion had no clue at all how this ever could be realised.

Searching for Transformation Needs

This little story reminded me of the Master Key Experience. It also reminded me of the values we have in life and also what we are brought up with.

From our early childhood, from the day we are born, we are told ”this is good”, ”that is bad”, ”you should do this way”, you can’t do that way”, ”you ought to do this” and so on. It’s a millions of billions of categorisations of how to think, believe and behave throughout our upbringing.

You can call me naive, I don’t mind, but my strongest conviction is that it would make such a huge difference if we instead reinforced children’s ability to listen to their hearts. In fact, I believe it would change how the world would function and how people would behave to each others.

Have you ever thought about that children know from the heart how to valuate each other, how to treat each other, what love is worth? And they know this without having a lot of words to express it. They even know from their hearts what love is. Children have no doubt about this. They never hesitate or resonate about this. They just know, and they just are. Why should they make any transformation?

So if we could reinforce what we feel from the heart from the day we are born, the world would be so much different. What a transformation it would be! I understand, this is a naive thought, but it would function, I’m sure.

It is we, the adults that are uncertain, that need to listen to others before making up our mind. We have been customized to do that. I am not referring to obvious things like being considerate, taking others’ perspectives into account and so forth, but that difficult thing (sometimes) just to make up our own mind only by listening to our own heart.

By the way, your heart is loving, considerate, empathetic and filled with passion.

We are instead customized to care about others’ opinions and not even think about going through a transformation. And it is so difficult to satisfy what everyone else thinks is the correct thing to do, behave and believe. All this makes us uncertain about our values and what our hearts really try to tell us.

We actually tend to forget that the heart has a voice (because it has, but it also needs ears to make its voice heard). The heart also needs attention and as adults we tend to live our lives in a tempo that is not admitting us to have attention to our hearts’ voices.

Learning from Nature’s Transformations

I want to go back to the cute story about the dandelion. This little weed mirrored itself in the eyes of others. It only heard the voices that said it was in the way for other more beautiful flowers and that it took the nourishment in the soil from the other flowers so they couldn’t grow. The dandelion heard that it was not beautiful at all. It took too much place and that it was too hard rooted in the ground so it was difficult to get rid of.

But the dandelion’s heart couldn’t be silent. It repeatedly told the dandelion ”one day you are going to fly high above in a marvelous trip in the sky feeling free, happy and meaningful”. The poor dandelion couldn’t imagine how on earth that would be possible, how such a transformation could take place. ”I’m rooted in the ground. I have so strong roots so people can’t even drag me up. How can I fly? How can I make my dream come true?”

One day when the dandelion woke up it felt different. Something had happened, a magical transformation. A little girl came along and screamed delightful ”Look mum, there is a wishing flower! I want to blow and make a wish!”. The girl picked the dandelion and blew so the white feather-light flower basket filled the air in tiny parts everywhere and high above.


The essence here is that everyone has the ability to transform, everyone has the ability to believe what the heart is telling and everyone has the ability to make a difference to oneself and to others. Another thing is that if the dandelion had not cared about other’s opinions, then it probably would have discovered that it could be appreciated as nourishing and tasty tea, its leaves are great in a salad and some people would love to make wine of it.

How to Make a Lasting Transformation

I want to go back to Master Key Experience again, because in this program you get the tools to reinforce your ability to pay attention and listen to your heart, despite the life you live, the tempo in life you have and despite how occupied you are with other things. You get the tools to discover your true self beneath all the ”truths” you have dressed yourself with.

What does your heart tell you? What is you passion? What drives you? Do you want to find out?

Do you believe in Universe? Do you believe it’s possible with the transformation you desire? Do you believe in yourself? Find your true life path with hands on help from a guide and a mastermind alliance in Master Key Experience.

We are all dandelions!

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About the author

Monica has more than 20 years of experience of life guiding and coaching and is passionate about helping people make reality of whatever change they desire in their lives. Her background is a longterm specialized education at the University. Today is she working full time in her own company, living her dream which she credits the Master Key Experience.

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