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Who am I, Why am I here?

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So this is Christmas. Another year gone, another one yet to come. What did you do this year, what did you accomplish? Was it another year of the same same, or did you accomplish amazing things?

If it was another year of the same same, what do you feel when you look back? Do you have regrets, frustration, feelings of failure or lethargy? Do you ask yourself how it could have been different? Or are you content with your the content of your life?

Let’s start at Christmas Day. What is Christmas Day? How do we know that it represents what we are told?

Have any of you been around long enough to know what it was like before Coca-Cola started their massive advertising campaign? Ho Ho Ho!

Have we been programmed to believe something that is not entirely true? How did that happen?

The Origins of Our Beliefs

Different religions have different ways of celebrating auspicious days. What’s to say the average Americans’ way of celebrating anything is the way of truth? Or any country’s way? Where do all the cultural differences come from? Where do all the languages come from?

Who wrote the history books? Who wrote the Bible? Who wrote any of the sacred scripts? Why do we have such blind faith in others written words, stories, opinions, judgements?? Why?

There are some stories that may hold up in historical records, that’s a relief isn’t it? It’s not all doomed. Science changes its narrative over the years as it discovers something it thought was true to be different now … we can do the same.

Maybe it’s Time to Think Differently

It’s all food for deep contemplative thought isn’t it? What if everything we’ve been taught is a story that we need to wake up from?

How do we wake up? Do we want to wake up? Or are we content with living our lives by other people’s made up stories and rules? All I’m asking is for you to question the fabric of existence you have been taught.

I’m not advocating anarchy here. Far from it, as that can be construed as an immature way of dealing with any given situation. I’m guessing most people reading this are adults and we can look back at our lives and remember if we acted in an anarchic way. The question is, did it help change anything? If so what? If not, why not?

How many people on this earth plane have a belief in the same thing? Why do they/you believe it? What’s the cause of their/your belief? Have you ever questioned it? If not, why not?

Consider a New Perspective

We believe in debt, mortgages (mort is death in French). We believe that we go to work, earn money that someone else says what we’re worth for that job and we accept it, maybe meanwhile looking for a different job where we may be worth more to another company. They give us their idea of worth and make a profit from our life-force. Is that OK with you?

When do we make the decision to wake up from the ‘normal’ way of life we’ve been taught to live? We don’t actually question it until a crisis or something else comes along to jolt us out of our dream.

Before that crisis occurs, why don’t we choose to think outside of the box and search for our inner truth? I agree, that can be quite challenging to find, because we’ve lost ourselves in the mainstream way of ‘life’. We are in the programme.

How do we wake up to our heart’s truth? What is our heart’s truth?
Struth, what a pickle! Stop the world, I want to get off! No need to be that drastic!!

It takes a lot of courage to walk a different path, walk to the beat of your own drum.

It can be a gradual process, or for some, a radical change because you realize what you once thought is no longer serving you.

Where do you go from here? It depends on your choices. Most of our “choices” have not been choices at all.

They’ve been preordained karmic pathways that we have trodden for so long. So long, that they are familiar, which is why we choose them.

How do we step out of all of that?

Well, firstly you make the decision to strive for your own truth. You need to become a self-directed thinker. You find a group of like-minded individuals to support you. Ones who are not sheeple.

Ones who strive for greatness for all humanity and are of service in a way that is not subservient.

Ones who are powerful, with clarity and focus, peaceful warriors, who have fun and enjoyment along the way. After all, what’s life without fun?

Ones who are happy and in love with LIFE. Ones who aim to serve a greater good.

Ones who don’t tell you what to think or require your belief. Take a moment to imagine all of that. How does it feel? Is it right for you at this stage of your life? Are you ready? Are you ready to take the leap? Maybe that moment is NOW?

We are here. I am here. This is your invitation. No matter how awakened we think we are, there is ALWAYS more.

There are no gurus. There are not necessarily any books, films, discourses that set you free. They may give you insights.

Freedom is within as a Self-Directed thinker. Tapping in to your self, deep within the depths of your spiritual heart is that place you yearn for.

There is a need to release the old habitual ways that unconsciously pull us backwards. Like an elastic/rubber band that reaches its maximum stretch, we get pinged back to where we once were. How do we change that?

Maybe, because you are reading this blog, you are either a member of Master Key Experience (MKE) or you are visiting, searching for answers?

Maybe MKE is one of your first steps to help you find your self-directed self!! I do advocate it. It’s all about you releasing the old programmes (cement) that encases you and discovering your own true worth and inner voice.

2024 is around the corner and it’s going to be the first day of the rest of your life. Expect great things from your own Being. Expectation and Intention are powerful instigators.

It’s all food for deep contemplative thought isn’t it? Do it Now.

Start now by becoming aware of your current thoughts. Click here to receive a free tool called the 7 Day Mental Diet that can jump start your journey of being a self-directed thinker.

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About the author

Peaches’ favourite saying "Happy is as happy does”. As a Life Coach, Peaches’ training equips her to be the catalyst to your greatness. Inspired in recent times by the Master Key Experience, she can help you bring science and spirituality together in a synthesis of transformative skills for accelerated growth.

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