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Who is That? I Can Feel How Cool She Is!

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I kept asking, “Who is that?” I was introduced to my future self through the Master Key Experience.  I admire her, want to emulate her, and really get to know her but something seemed to be looming that was preventing intimacy.

What was it?  I just could not put my finger on it.

Then, in a conversation with my oldest daughter, who was inquiring about why I was timid about certain things when she and her sister had learned fortitude and determination for themselves by observing me while they were growing up, I was challenged to seek out myself in my childhood to pinpoint WHAT was looming.

Wow!  My immediate thought was – when did my daughter become so wise?  I was grateful. So I went into a sit and began travelling down my timeline to as far back as I could remember.  BAM!

There she was.  Weezie!

A happy, carefree child of about 7 years.  She was so very loved, nurtured, and encouraged to blossom.  Her world was immense.  It was all in her head, where the imagination just took flight.

No limitations, no hesitations, and no timidity

It is so interesting to have this relationship with my very young self and my future self.  Neither of them has the baggage I have chosen to wear.

Neither of them is laden with the weight of things are really of no importance.  As it is said, “All will work out in the end.  If it hasn’t worked out, it is not the end!”

In talking about meeting my younger self with a dear Mastermind sister, I was encouraged to write a letter to my younger self and then write a response from my younger self, with my non-dominant hand.

I must admit, and she busted me for it, I was hesitant to write the response letter with my non-dominant hand because it would be messy.  


Who is that? It’s me! Just do it!  So, I did!

who is that

Let me tell you something.  An amazing discovery! You cannot spew ‘BS’ when writing with your non-dominant hand.

My young self is brutally honest, like all kids.  She seems to be wise for her age.  She and my future self are authentic and transparent. The three of us form a triangle.  The two of them have a very strong bond because they are the same.

Then there is me – covered in the muck and mire that I just laid on myself, one thing over the other, until I completely lost sight of “myself” and “I”.

They are so encouraging.  So loving.  There is no ‘them vs. me’.  They are clarity of the past and of the future.  Hope and Love.

And I would never have met them if not for this amazing journey of self-discovery through Master Key Experience.

It is not – I was a cool kid.  It is – I AM A COOL KID!

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.

Cool self, I am elated to meet you!

Looking forward to being together soon!

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About the author

As a veteran homeschooling mother, Louise floundered after the children were gone. She wondered what had driven her before she was consumed with raising children. Her answer came when she enrolled in the Master Key Experience to begin her journey of self-discovery. Louise loves guiding individuals to discover their best selves while defining and clarifying their unique gifts. Her favorite part of guiding is watching individuals share their unique gifts, making an endless ripple effect of positive energy.

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  • Louise, thank you. You have met two very special friends in both your very young self and your future self; you must have some very interesting conversations with both. The Master Key Experience can empower YOU to meet your very young self and you future self as well. From your blog rover friend John.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience of your meeting with your younger self and future self. You discover so much when you can be this open minded, (and have a lot of interesting talks, you all three girls LOL)

  • Louise, what an amazing blog and a wonderful discovery of your future self. Getting acquainted with your younger self- experiencing her brutal honesty and her amazing wisdom for her age. Being able to experience both your younger self & your future self ; seeing their authenticity and transparency was really an eye opener for you. This experience seemed to overthrow your feelings of limitations, hesitations, shyness and made you see the cool you. Congratulations & I am very happy that you found the new you. How long did it take doing the sit and traveling down your time line before things seem to piece together?

    • Lots of thanks, Eulaine. Its a process. Each step/idea is the result of an exercise that was suggested. When it came together, I was ready to receive it, that is for sure. All thanks to Master Key Experience. Cheers!

  • This feeling of carefree is light and it’s my hope all children of the world feel this and as adults we can keep this feeling alive.

  • I love how you explain how you were reintroduced to yourself. So grateful for your long commitment to being an amazing Guide.

  • thank you Louise ! What a great exercise to do from a very cool person – looking forward to doing that myself – deeply appreciated 🙂

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