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Why Are You Terrified Discussing Money and Sex?

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Did you cringe when you read discussing money and sex?

While spending some time with a friend of mine who is a CPA and good little researcher, we got to chatting about the taboos in our society, like discussing money and sex! Dun dun dun…

Remember the old saying, no religion or politics at the table. That sure is good advice, but how about when we do need to talk about it at the table?

This was my question….

Why do people in this country seem to have such a difficult time with it? The USA is the only country I’ve ever lived in so I don’t know what goes on in other countries, but they DO NOT seem as stunted in their comfort level around sem and money.

I spelled sex incorrectly and even the autocorrect wouldn’t spell sex LOL!

It’s uber sad to me and makes me a bit angry so, dear reader please forgive any negativity in expressing myself.

The fact that these taboos exist in the first place, and lucky for you I’m not going to give you my dissertation on how this is the fault of Patriarchy. But it is LOL Fact.

In this discussion my friend told me the most popular genre for books sales and book writing in the US is ‘personal finance’. You say what now? found that shocking as will you when you read the next paragraph. Gun to my head, Romance. Wishful Thinkin.

He next asked, “What do you believe it the most prolific industry on the internet?”, that one I knew immediately and I bet you do too. Not for those reasons, it is common knowledge at this point.

Couple this with the fact that fully 95% of United States citizens do not have an extra $500 at the end of any given month. If anything, most of them are deeper in debt than the previous month with no way out.

They live in poverty and want their entire lives and then pass it on to their children and so on and so on – the US is the only 1st world country that has negative savings! You can be sure the powers that be want it that way. Tragic.

Without sex none of us are here – no people without sex so why is this taboo?

Why the hell are we buying all these personal finance books when sex the biggest thing on the internet?

How is it that in the richest country in the world most citizens fail?

My hope and wish are that you are asking yourself these questions also, how is that possible? Here’s the query.

If we don’t have sex there are no people and if we don’t have money life is very difficult in our culture – I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, rich is better here.

Money and Sex – why are they taboo?

So why are these subjects taboo? Could there be a correlation? DUH!

There is a direct correlation between ALL OF our troubles as a species and what we have intercourse about in our conversations. Sorry for the pun lol. Not!

Here’s my battle cry, I blame the parents. The fact is if we did a better job parenting, things would change for the better globally.

That debate is long over when the hell are we going to get it in the US?

Treat your children with love, care and respect and the world is better.

Did you know that Japanese Government watched to see if GMOs in food effected American children before they introduced then in Japan! Gross on both counts but especially America. We shove all kinds of junk into our future – we literally, willingly destroy our future and our planet.

Listen to me now, if you don’t know how to treat your children or any children with love, care and respect give me a shout out I’ll gladly and joyfully help you!

What if each and every parent or caregiver on the planet refused to send their boys & girls to war? Even if they wanted to go and fight for their country, Mom says NO! No Soldiers No War. They won’t do it with just weapons… they want war. Einstein called war a three letter word for murder.

You can ponder that as you choose.

Money and Sex in a Healthy Way

My assertion is if we discuss money and sex with our kids and each other in a healthy way, these issues would just go away. 👋🏼

Money would not be the bane of some many peoples’ existence and little girls would not base their worth on the size of the chest or the ass or the like. And little boys that are slim and kind would be revered! As they should be.

Yuck to all the women out there who exploit themselves and other women.

The high-profile women that attack each other – it is nothing more and nothing less than their low self-worth, nothing else.

What! A famous, beautiful, talented woman has low self-worth? All of them!

They are just as terrified as you are, they just have more money or fame or both. All they did was win the generic lottery for our time. A thousand years ago Lizzo would be THE QUEEN! When there was no food, larger people were on the pedestal.

Now you have to look like a coat hanger with giant boobs. Which is false self-worth, the earthly idea of worth, not the spirits idea. Fame and or money give the false sense of worth for most. That’s why Lottery winners always lose it all.

Vicious if you really think about it. And yes, I know you’re terrified. I am too. It’s good to be terrified it means you care.

People like Weinstein, Cosby, Roger Ailas, the former president’s mentor and creator of opinion news, along with the former president, it’s a long list.

Those are the famous ones you hear about. There are at least 10 million not famous damaged souls out there pulling the same shit.

Do you really believe if men were not physically stronger than women that they would be running the world?

If you do stop reading, you’re not my kind – denial ain’t no river in Egypt. We’d be co-running the world because a feminine nature collaborates better, just look at the animal kingdom its right there in front of your eyes.

Take note: Feminine not FEMALE! It’s Masculine not MALE, although that’s another enormous subject for another day.

What you see on the news, or the evil SM, these few lost souls are the very tiny, teeny tip of the iceberg.

Rant time rant time… warning warning…

ONE IN TWO – ONE IN TWO I SAY!!! That is how many women are abused in the United States ONE IN TWO!! JESUS CHRIST! Sorry if my battle cry offends – who else can fix this if I can’t call out to Jesus who can I call out to for the supernatural help we need?

Those are only the ones who talk…most don’t, I don’t even know what are the stats now.

Now Let’s Start Discussing Money and Sex

If we normalized discussing money and sex and normalized money and sex themselves, those people would never be created.

If sex was out on the table and we all talked about it all the time all that goes away. No need for #metoo, Hallelujah!

As an aside to those bitches, start talking about sex too #sextoo. They talk mostly about abuse which isn’t helping anyone!

I know I just did that above it’s an FYI in case you were not aware of the urgency of this topic.

Now I reserve the right to say anything I wish about this subject as a survivor of horrific abuse for most of my childhood. Until 16 years of age.

I grew up in an approximately 1800 SF house with 8 other people also living there. How is it possible for daily child abuse to go on in a small house with 9 people? That is the power of NOT discussing sex and money too.

We lived in poverty even though both my parents worked full time, same stuff different decade.

What the hell is going on in our world when so many lives are destroyed because some of us have a hang up about certain subjects? Oy vey.

Here we go – FUCK – what does that conjure for you? BANKRUPTCY how’s that one feel?

Words have tremendous power, and YOU MUST learn to use them correctly.

Get started today on fixing the world by bettering yourself.

Click here and get going on your FREE 7-Day Mental Diet today.

We love you and want the best for you– let us know how we can be of service.
Aloha & Mahalo,

The Fabulous Davene

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About the author

Davene Januszewski, CEO of Training Solutions LLC, has been successfully networking and speaking professionally since 1998. She and her husband Mark Januszewski, The World's Laziest Networker are living their dream on the island of Kauai.

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  • Wow Davene, I’d love a convo on this blog… Fascinating, frustrating, upsetting and uplifting all at once #lifebychoice

  • I hardly know how to respond, Davene. You cover so much! Going forward, I for one embrace more energetically my part in eliminating shame around sex truth-telling and money truth-telling. My work answering the battered women’s hot line during nights helped me see/understand a lot. I recommit to work with others and use my voice for those afraid to speak up and use whatever influence I have for those lacking the power of financial stability. Thank you for your passionate reminder.

  • Wow! Just Wow!!
    What a powerful piece of writing.
    So many inhibitions and limitations taught to us by our generations of family and general society.
    I thank God each day for courses like MKE to help us move beyond our structures and limitations to become amazingly powerful, humble and dynamic human beings.

  • Thank you, Davene, for such an authentic, honest, courageous, and heartfelt blog that addressed the fundamental and crucial facts about why our society is the way it is. But there is a hope for those of us who believes in the Truth and those who commits to live for the Truth.

  • Most people in Europe have the belief that American citizens use to speak freely about money…Could you imagine therefore how stuck are their minds (of Europeans) when they come to the subject of money?!
    Also, I couldn’t agree more with the idea that parents should refuse to let their children be sent to war…No soldiers, no wars. Yes! I would even be more radical than that: providing they can write and count, parents these days should also refuse to send their children to school and teach them themselves how to write and count…and also how to properly love and think…as counting and writing are the only useful things schools are teaching, and as schools DON’T teach how to love and to think anyway…which make them useless and harmful all together…No schools, more self-directed thinkers!
    (btw, I dare to share these controversial thoughts in this MKE community as I know its members have learned to think by themselves and are thus able to make their own opinion about it…I would not have wasted my time and risk my integrity in sharing these in the main stream media…lol) Thank you Davene for this powerful thought provoking blog!

  • Very thought-provoking blog Davene. Reminds me of the importance of the Law of Dual Thought that we learn about in the Master Key Experience. As an individual, we have the choice to attach whatever meaning we want to an experience, or in this case the meaning of the words we use.

    Many people do not realize we have this power to influence our own reality and unfortunately default to society’s conditioning (aka those currently in power), which often times is geared towards controlling the masses. Even if a reader disagrees with the views in this blog, the benefit of self-directed thinking is that we can share, respect, and exchange different ideas without becoming defensive.

    Open, honest dialogue with the aim at advancing our human species is a noble way to live. Thank you for courageously sharing your thoughts.

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