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Why Become a Guide With the MKE

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Why did you become a Guide for the great adventure known as the Master Key Experience (MKE) is an interesting question to contemplate.

“I’m ecstatically thrilled, relishing the liberty of living a life of true purpose as an insightful architect in perfect health.”

“Daily setting an example of leadership as I burst with joy collaborating with, serving, impacting and inspiring others. Cherishing being available to Ohana whenever needed. I AM nature’s greatest miracle, achieving my bliss.”

These words happen to be the first sentence and the last few sentences of the current iteration of my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) which ends with “I always keep my promises, Brad Van Lanen.” Words that definitively played a role in becoming a Guide for the Master Key Experience.

This is my 5th year of the Master Key Experience, 2nd year as a guide. The seed was planted by the first Guide I had, who suggested I become a Guide as he felt I would be a terrific Guide.

However, I felt the timing was off to answer the call at that point. I had fallen off the horse more than a few times when it came to consistently completing the child-like exercises and doing the readings.

Basically I allowed that “white” personality type perfection syndrome to take charge at that point. Funny thing about planting of seeds though from Haanel:

We must plant the seed and leave it undisturbed.

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System, Part 7:27

He continues with more detail:

Planting a seed which, if left undisturbed, will finally germinate into external fruition.

Charles Haanel, The Master Key System, Part 11:19

Following my 2nd year in the MKE, I put a plan in place. That was my response to a terrific question to always ask yourself when making a decision. That question being “Will this choice bring fulfillment and happiness to me and also those affected by this choice?”

And yes, being a “white” according to the color code assessment, I felt a plan of preparation was needed to take the ultimate step to being a Guide. So, prior to taking that step to become a Guide I chose to get involved in a mastermind and deep dive into the MKE that ultimately went next level over the course of a year.

One of the things referenced throughout the MKE material is referring to the sub-conscious as a child. This is particularly true when it comes to identifying what it is you want to achieve.

Or to put it another way answering the golden Mark J. question of “What do YOU want?”

When looking back at the multitude of ideas I had as a child regarding what I wanted to be, two things stood out. Those things were to become a pastor or a teacher.

Incidentally both involve guiding people as a facilitator. And as I defined and refined my DMP, it became clear that the compass was showing my purpose ultimately involved being a facilitator.

One way of achieving that? Become a Guide on the next phase of my Master Key Experience journey. So, in following my compass and plan I took that step following my 3rd year going through the course.

It’s an aspect of my Hero’s Journey that has been exciting and fulfilling. So much gratitude for the opportunity to guide others on their Hero’s Journey. Super exciting facilitating discussions in Marco Polo and on Zoom calls around the course material.

I feel immense joy when the light bulb goes off for a member and he/she suddenly starts to get it, like I did my first year.

There’s something that’s just rewarding about helping others come to the realization that inside them is greatness, it just needs to be coaxed out.

And having the opportunity to grow even more while doing so is why I am enjoying being a MKE Guide immensely.

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About the author

Since 2019 Brad has been on a spectacular journey, a courageous adventure to discover the greatness of his world within. An insightful architect intent on living a peaceful life of true purpose Brad recently relocated his family to the Florida Space Coast, manifesting one dream to reality. Now serenely embarking on a new branch of his Hero’s Journey as a life coach, he’s standing by to provide you with encouragement, guidance and hands-on support as you traverse the road to manifesting your definite major purpose and discovering the abundance and riches that are within you.

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  • Hi Brad! I appreciate you sharing with us your journey from a member of the Master Key Experience course to how you chose to become a certified guide with the MKE. Very valuable information and I can see it inspiring MKE completers to consider if becoming a MKE guide is part of their Hero’s journey.

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