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Why Handwriting is Important, Especially for Goals

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Handwriting – it’s as old as people living in groups and communities. Even though we mostly use computers and phones now, writing by hand is still very important.

Why should you write your goals by hand?

Writing down our goals does more than remind us of what we want to do. Studies have shown that our brain functions more profoundly when we handwrite goals. It helps us remember better, see it, feel it, and makes our dreams feel more natural. This is one reason why handwriting is important.

When you write something down, your brain learns it faster than typing it out. So, if you write down your goals, you understand them better and quicker.

Here’s another reason why handwriting is important. When you write a goal, you create a picture in your mind, and the act of writing makes this picture stronger. Handwriting your goals helps you feel them emotionally and increases your likelihood of achieving them. Writing your goals on paper makes your brain work more when remembering them later. Your brain is more involved in the process of reading a handwritten plan. Thus you remember your goals better. They feel natural, and it helps you focus on achieving them.

why handwriting is important

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.”

Andrew Carnegie

Lots of successful people believe in writing down their goals. They understand why handwriting is important. They say that writing their plans makes them feel more connected to them and more likely to achieve them.

Who writes their goals by hand?

Richard Branson, who started the Virgin Group, always carries a notebook. He writes down his ideas and goals, saying it makes them feel more natural.

Oprah Winfrey, the TV superstar, also believes in writing down her goals. She thinks writing her goals helps her live a more purposeful life.

Michael Phelps, the famous swimmer with the most Olympic medals, writes down his goals at the start of each season. He says it gives him a clear path and helps him focus. He understands why handwriting is important.

Stephen King, the famous author, sets a daily writing goal of 2,000 words. He writes this goal down to make sure he follows it.

why handwriting is important

Even big companies like Google used handwritten goals in the beginning. The people who started Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, wrote down their plans for the company. They think this helped shape Google’s success.

So, whether you’re a student, an athlete, or someone with dreams, try writing your goals down by hand.

Handwrite your “definite major purpose” (DMP). It’s a simple, time-tested practice that some of the most successful people practice.

And if you have no idea what your definite major purpose is, sign up for the Master Key Experience class. The next one launches in September. You’ll get hands-on support to define and manifest your best life ever, based on your DMP and some handwriting to help make it stick.

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