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Why Recognition for Creative Expression is Important

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My personal pivotal needs are liberty and recognition for creative expression.

Would I like fame? I suppose it depends on how you define that. Being appreciated for what I do and getting public praise are important to me.

One of the things the Master Key Experience has taught me is to not apologize or minimize what I want. Desires exist for a reason. In my case, it partly stems from a painful childhood where I never felt “good enough”.

It was no surprise I signed up for a course that taught you how to get on local TV news (for positive reasons, of course). Because I had made the transition from “employee” to “self-employed” during the pandemic, it was decided that “how to develop a side hustle” would be a great angle.

My coach put together a segment proposal and an audio version of how it should sound. I then spent 3 days at a Las Vegas hotel pitching TV news directors — the folks that book guests for their local shows. I wound up getting booked by four stations, all across the country.

The first was San Angelo Texas earlier this month. I had sent the producer three emails over the course of a week. She responded on a Friday, asking me when I could appear over Zoom. Much to her shock, I asked if I could appear in person. She said “Well, sure! I didn’t think you’d want to travel here.” I had learned that you ALWAYS book yourself “in studio” if you can. There’s just nothing like being “on set”.

Prepping for my chance at creative expression

I flew to San Angelo two days early (you don’t want to get caught up in flight delays/cancellations and cause unnecessary stress). The show did not air live until a Wednesday afternoon, so I had plenty of time to rehearse my segment.

The old saying, “You practice forty hours so you can nail four minutes” is absolutely true. I got to the station forty five minutes early (another tip) and sat in the lobby. The news director came out and introduced herself, handing me a sheet to fill out for her for use on the air.

About ten minutes before the show went live, I was ushered into the studio and put a lavalier microphone on. It was a small set and I was told they did everything from this one room. The “evening news” set was behind the cameras, and another set for mid-day guests was to my right.

I chatted a bit with the news director and then I heard “30 seconds before we’re live”. Did the adrenaline start pumping? You bet! It means you’re alive and doing something exciting!

The segment went without a flaw, and in the blink of an eye. The news director high-fived me and said “great job”. The major point, you ask? The idea to start doing TV interviews came to me during a “sit”.

The resources showed up at just the right time. I felt blissful. I was meeting one of my personal pivotal needs, and subconscious mind made it happen.

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About the author

Scott Transue has been a member of the MKE since 2017. Through the course, he was able to clearly define his needs and life goals, consistent with his personality. He resides in Las Vegas, NV and is a native of upstate NY (Binghamton and Albany). He owns his own fully-remote tax practice, which manifested using the tools provided in the MKE. He is also active in consumer direct marketing and real estate. His goal in becoming a Guide is to "pay it forward", helping others to fully manifest their "personal Kauai".

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  • Thank you, Scott, for sharing your blog! Learning about Personal Pivotal Needs and the Definite Major Purpose are major keys in the MKE and the only way to make it all happen!

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