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I am grateful I can share my thoughts and success with you Master Key Mastermind Alliance Experience Course.

While I cannot guarantee that this Course is going to change your life, I can say for certain that you have the responsibility and ability to create the uncommon, beautiful life you want to have. 

I am not going into this Course’s details, rather I want to focus on explaining the role of the Guide.  I want you to experience this Course for yourself without any preconceived beliefs going in, implementing the information presented in your life, to begin or to continue to paint…

The masterpiece that is your life

“The greater my grateful giving is, the more abundant and brighter my prosperity shines”. 

Mark J, Standing Tall

I first took the MKE Course in September, 2017, and have taken this Course each year since.  I have needed continually shed negative baggage that I want to remove from my life once and for all. This Course each year empowers me to get rid of more and more of those negative, self-defeating beliefs; instead installing positive, uplifting beliefs which put me on my path to becoming the best person I want to be.

This Course asks you to make a commitment to yourself to spend time every day working on yourself; how much time depends on you.  This is your time to take control of who you want to be, to visualize your desired best self and then go after becoming that with all your energy. 

It is important to be honest with yourself as you start and progress through this Course determining the price you wish to pay to achieve your desired goodness; there is a price to pay, but each of us has the ability to pay that needed price.

“Success is a result of service given without expectation of reciprocity”. 

Mark J, Standing Tall

Comfort Zone

This Course has a track record of success for those willing to get out of their comfort zones and sometimes make changes in behavior which are scary and threatening, but at the same liberating and energizing. 

  • This Course CAN awaken your tramped down dreams and aspirations and make them happen if you take responsibility and do your needed daily work. 
  • This Course CAN awaken or reinforce or strengthen your resolve to continue your journey toward your goodness and greatness if you take responsibility and do your needed daily work with enthusiasm. 
  • This Course CAN show you how you can install new positive beliefs or make stronger those positive beliefs already there provided you take responsibility and do your needed daily work with determination. 
  • This Course CAN start to empower you to embrace and celebrate your goodness and greatness when you take responsibility and do your needed daily work with passion.
Guide to success

Your Guide to Success

Once you have applied for your Course scholarship and have been approved, you will be assigned a Guide to accompany you on your journey throughout this Course. 

  • Your Guide will have successfully completed this Course already and has received special Training to answer your questions, to encourage you, to support you on your journey through this Course. 
  • Your Guide is going to be with you each week, working with you to embrace your desired best self.  Your Guide is going to be with you as you celebrate your successes and with you as you weather your challenges. 
  • Your Guide is going to champion your taking responsibility to get the most out of this Course.

“I am a grateful giver and humble receiver”. 

Mark J, Standing Tal

MKE and Me?

The most important reason for taking this class are the tools and the techniques needed you will learn to be a self-directed thinker; this is essential for you to become your desired best self, to realize and appreciate the goodness already inside of you and propelling you to find and manifest even greater goodness. 

This Course CAN aid you in getting the ball rolling, first slowly and then picking up more and more speed on your special journey of becoming your desired best self and showing the people you care about along the way how they can start their journey to becoming their desired best selves as well. 

The choice is yours, what a beautiful choice for you to make. 

You are so very special, smile at your gifts!

The Course sign ups just launched last week.

It’s your time!

Watch each introductory video all the way through, complete the scholarship application quickly as possible because this Course fills up fast.  Make this investment in yourself. 


“The more I give, the more I shall receive”. 

Mark J, Standing Tall

I wish you so much success, thank you.

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About the author

John Francetic is an IRS Enrolled Agent, partnering with his brother Paul in both Francetic Tax Resolution & Francetic Tax and Accounting. He enthusiastically and energetically serves others as a Master Key Experience Blog Rover encouraging and empowering members on their Master Key Experience Journey.

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  • John, your blog was very thorough and clear as far as what you can expect from the Master Key course and what tools are needed in order to become a self-directive thinker. I enjoyed reading your blog & all the gems you mentioned. How much time do you think it takes to get control of your life and what is necessary to be your desired best self?

    • Eulaine, thank you for your kind words. The amount of time varies from person to person. You need to experiment to find out what works best for you.

  • For any person on the outside looking in, Johnny, this masterful way you’ve described what the “in” is all about, ranks it at the top, the best, the creme de la creme, amonst those many blog posts attempting to do the same thing! You make my heart sing! 🙂

  • Amazing article John! What a wonderful description of what the course CAN do for you if you embrace it! AND a beautiful description of the process and the bonus of having a guide! 🙂

  • What an amazing perspective, John. Thank you so much for sharing. It does indeed take a little work on our parts to have what we truly want, but this course definitely gets to the heart of defining what tools work and how to use them to make that happen.

  • Thank you John for describing the course so well and what it is about! It is so inspiring to read and if I was thinking of maybe go this course as a new member would i fill in the application immediately after having read your blog post.

  • I love how your blog makes it very clear that for the Masterkeys to work, we have to work! – “While I cannot guarantee that this Course is going to change your life, I can say for certain that you have the responsibility and ability to create the uncommon, beautiful life you want to have.”

    All too often people place blame for things not working on the doorstep of others and less on their own intentions and efforts.

    Thank you for making that clear.

  • Thanks, John, for this beautiful explanation of how the “Best Life Coach” program (the MKE) works. My favorite part of your blog was about the “comfort zone” and how we CAN do things a certain way; and IF we do, the desired results manifest before our very eyes. It is powerful how carefully designed efforts and habits make it all happen. It’s a $1 well spent.

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