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Why You Feel Stuck & How to Get Unstuck 100% of the Time

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Have you ever felt stuck? Would you like to make a change but feel trapped? Feeling this way is a natural and normal part of life, but it can wither our spirit and sap our energy and vitality.

If you feel trapped in a relationship, a job, a situation or a habit, know this: you can break free and you can start right now. 

We often feel stuck because we believe that something has power over us, something is keeping us down. For as long back as I can remember I was overweight, even after following diet after diet after diet. I always exercised since I was a kid so that was good but the food! It felt like it had me if you know what I mean. Addiction. Bingo there it is you are an addict.

As I became increasingly frustrated and eager to free myself from this very unhealthy habit, I began to look more carefully at those who are able to free themselves from what was holding them back. I noticed a pattern: they made a decision to create change. They took action and persisted until they succeeded. Or what Wallace D. Wattles calls doing things in the ‘certain way’.

If you feel stuck, you are in need of change

If you feel stuck, it means you are in need of change. Life is characterized by change and we need change to thrive and grow. The purpose of life is growth; as Wattles also teaches us, the advancement and unfolding of life.

Remember, there is only ONE way to change and that’s growth. When we feel stuck we must seek growth. We MUST grow to change. Feeling stuck is the result of routine and settling into a habit. How simple!

So What is the Solution? How do you Get Unstuck?

We get unstuck by demonstrating to ourselves the power we have to make a change. We must show our brain that it will be easier and less painful to make the change than to continue as things are and feel stuck.

Now that’s super easy to say or to write in a blog but doing it, now there’s the rub. How do we get this done? How do we get unstuck when we feel so stuck there seems like no way out?

Because really if people know this to be true then why don’t they just do it? Why don’t they just seek growth?

HERE WE GO AGAIN. ADDICTION. Do you believe you are an addict — because you are. That’s the number one reason you, me, we feel stuck. We’re addicts. It’s not food, or cigarettes or gambling or sex or or or or that you are addicted to. You are addicted to the peptides (what you talkin’ about, TFD?)

What the Heck are Peptides?

Here’s the science. Believe it. Don’t believe it. It’s your life to lead with joy if you choose.

Ok so you have a thought. Go ahead and have one. Here’s mine, I am thinking of a very special time with my 2 daughters.

As I have this thought there are feelings attached to this thought. What do you think they are?

Joy – bliss – gratitude just to name a few.

Now what if I think of a different time, a not so good day when I got some bad news from a company that fired me. Now what are the feelings?

Sad – disappointed – shame

Ok, so when we have these thoughts there are feelings attached to them. And when we experience these feelings our brain then releases peptides to match the feelings.

Then the peptides rush all through your body and attach themselves to all the cells in your body and literally, like a key going into a lock, they unlock that cell and insert whatever feeling was attached to that peptide and then alter your cell based on the feeling. Get why you feel stuck?

Holy S#*%! Is that real? Yes my darling reader it is real. It’s not only real — this science has won the Nobel Prize.

Okay, Now What?

If one looks at this logically, it tells one that the thoughts we entertain determine the cell structure in our bodies. That’s just fact.

And now ask yourself, “What do you want your cell structure to look like?”

Below are some images from Emato’s famous water research. It’s a great representation of what words and thoughts look like and how they impact cells.

feel stuck
What water looks like with “You Fool” or “I will kill you” or “I hate you”
feel stuck
What water looks like with “Thank You” or “I Love You”

The habitual thinking that you do on a daily basis determines your future, your life, whether or not you feel stuck! My lovely Australian friend agrees. Check out her blog here.

Thus, is there anything more important than your thoughts?

Please subscribe here to start on your new thinking and new peptides with the 7 Day Mental Diet. Let’s get your thinking unstuck and then move your entire life on the track to where you desire.

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About the author

Davene Januszewski, CEO of Training Solutions LLC, has been successfully networking and speaking professionally since 1998. She and her husband Mark Januszewski, The World's Laziest Networker are living their dream on the island of Kauai.

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  • The peptide addiction blew my mind the first time I learned about it. Choosing to tie thoughts to a positive memory has done wonders in my life. I hope that anyone lucky enough to read this decides to learn how to make the same changes in their lives.

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