January 13


Wow! The Adventure Begins

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I have to admit, I thought that last year was the most amazing year for me in the Master Key Experience. I have to confess that I feel that this year have already been so much better and new changes are happening in my life, so much more effortlessly.

How can this be? How can a class I have taken 3 years in a row can give me better results year after year? Honestly, I don’t know why and I am excited to keep figuring it out and see where it takes me.

As I’m writing this blog, week one webinar of the Master Key Experience class just closed. As I have always done, I restarted with the members, as if it is my first time taking the course.

What I found, this year the new members are more enthusiastic, more interested and are asking the right questions. I love the camaraderie of the guide council. The new intern guides are also more enthusiastic and learning quicker than I was when I was an intern last year. I am so looking forward to how this year turns out to be. So many new adventures are in store not only for the new members but for the Intern Guides, Master Guides, and Staff.


What a wonderful start to an already exciting program. By the way, if you’re intrigued and would love to come check it out and may be thinking it’s too late, be rest assured that you can still come and join in on the fun right here.

Also check out some of my previous blog posts about the Master Key Experience. You can check out more of my blog posts by clicking on my name at the top or bottom of this article or by clicking here.

There is no such thing as coincidence. I believe that you, yes, you, are predestined to find and read this blog. So, stop refusing your call to greatness and come join us and discover your new best friend.

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Elena can help you direct, nurture, and set your goals quickly, respectfully and with peace in your heart every day. As a life coach, she guides and encourages you to take the action needed to joyfully manifest your dreams and goals into reality.

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