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You can never do the least and expect the most

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“The mind cannot comprehend a completely new idea until a corresponding vibratory cell in the brain has been prepared to receive it.”

Charles Hannel, The Master Key System, 12:25

It’s been 3 months since the Master Key Experience (MKE) began. In just a few days we celebrate Christmas and then the New Year. It’s amazing to see how time flies and life just goes faster.

Making the decision to be a Guide in this process has been a very important decision and although I thought that I already knew everything and that it would only be to review some points that I was missing, the reality is that you never stop learning, of course.

I had already read the lessons and listened to the topics in the weekly sessions and all the tasks, but this time finally the penny dropped and I realized that the results, although significant, were not what I wanted. I had not set myself up to expect the most.

A phrase that resonates in my mind since I heard it during one of the webinars is:

“You can’t do the minimum and expect the maximum.”

Mark Januszewski, co-founder of the Master Key Experience

Since then I’ve been thinking about the effort made in each task, in each reading, what emotions and attention do I give them? I must admit with some shame that most of the things I have done with some of the subjects with the minimum attention to detail, not willing to expect the most and give my best.

It is not enough to know, we need to do, knowledge does not apply itself, that is something that we are continually told in this process of self-discovery but today it has another meaning for me, it can be done but if it is not done well it makes no sense.

Do my best and expect the most

I know that it is important to do the exercises with emotion, to read carefully and emphasize each word, each sentence, to make the words penetrate to the depths of our mind, that mind that does not sleep and that makes me proceed in a way that I don’t understand, according to Og Mandino in The Greatest Salesman.

Now I realize that every time I read, there is something in each lesson that I had not seen before, that I had not understood.

Now I am perhaps, doing less but with more attention, with the intention of achieving a clearly established result and not with the intention of putting a checkmark on my to-do list. I expect the most.

I know that doing the least effort keeps me stuck in despair and discouragement.

Expect the most

Now I understand that only doing my best is the way to continue advancing toward my most extravagant dreams.

For that reason, I make the commitment to do my best in each task and everything I do. I make the commitment to expect the most and be open to receiving its benefits. That is the price I have to pay for the success that is mine.

If you are interested in learning more about how to give your best one a consistent basis, hop on the Master Key Experience early notification list for the next available class and receive a free tool to help you get a jump start on being your best.

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  • Oh, Maria. You spoke to my heart! I love that quote by Mark J and appreciate your bringing it to my attention: “You can’t do the minimum and expect the maximum.” I am joining you in renewed effort toward excellent focus and application. 🙂

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