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You Need a Hand? I Know You Are Busy – Master Key Experience Week 3

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We have a reputation of being very hard workers here at Training Solutions, LLC. The prequel to most messages I receive is, “I know you are busy, but…”

That makes me think of the iceberg analogy, most of what’s there you never see because it’s under the water.

Or the duck analogy, on the surface it looks like a smooth, relaxing ride but underneath those flippers are flying!

The Impact of One’s Consciousness

Our company seems more like these analogies, and I’ll tell you why. All success is a direct result of accumulated consciousness, while all lack is a result of scattered consciousness.

The first time that phrase passed my gaze there was zero comprehension of what it really meant. Sure, I understood the meaning in my brain but I didn’t get on a personal level, or how “accumulated consciousness” works in my life.

The term “scattered consciousness” never crossed my mind either. I had heard the phrase and never wondered if it impacted me… and that’s what happens when most people see something unfamiliar. A pretty quote picture on social media is easy to digest and you are quick to give a like or “LOL”. You see it, but it doesn’t sink in.

But it did sink in for me one day! I learned that I did indeed have a scattered consciousness, monkey mind they call it, my poor mind racing, like duck flippers, from one thought to the next, never really landing on one solid thought for more than a few seconds. Can I get an Amen here?

Clear Your Mind

Before I share about our amazing Master Key Experience (MKE) Certified Guides, I want you to try something. Yes, I know you are busy, just do it.

Sit in a chair, with our eyes closed. Attempt to breathe rhythmically: Inhale 4 seconds in, hold for 7 seconds, release for 9 seconds. Do that a few times and clear your mind.

Do NOT think of anything. Do It Now! Let me know how long it lasted in the comments, go ahead, it’ll be fun.

For most, I know this will difficult especially if you’ve never practiced clearing your mind. For some, this skill is more elusive than for others. But kids, it’s the iceberg – no one see the years of hard mental labor beneath the surface.

As our amazing Master Key Experience Certified Guides teach their members: The Sit, as we call it, The Sit is essential, critical. Really, don’t even bother trying to improve your life unless you are going to learn this skill – The Sit.

Again I know you think you are busy. But get this. The Sit ends procrastination forever and you’ll never be too busy to take care of you again.

15 Minutes per Day for Busy People: All People!

You must do The Sit for 15 minutes every day. Let me tell you why most people won’t do this and as a result never find the riches in life. Because of sloth. They are too lazy to do the hard mental labor that yields all the riches in life.

Can you believe it – sloth. I can.

All MKE guides stress The Sit because they know first-hand how powerful the skill of meditation is in our daily lives. Yes, The Sit is simple meditation. But you won’t do it, and the other things that must be done to improve.

Most people, probably close to 95% of people, refuse to meditate. Or even quiet down for a few minutes a day, as I said, because of sloth or plain laziness. But there’s more.

They call it Mindfulness…

Another marketing ploy we fall for to the tune of more than $11 Billion a year! Oh, read this book or listen to this guru or pay thousands for a weekend and after a few weeks, or days even, and it’s all back to the grind over and over and over – nothing changed because you didn’t change how you behaved!!! Yes, three exclamation points.

They NEVER teach you how to fish!

You’re not too busy – you’re just not using your time effectively.

We’ll show you how!

Guidance to the Rescue

One needs support, fellowship, guidance. GUIDANCE is the major difference with the Master Key Experience. The course offers Certified Guides that bring you through the process of changing your outcome for the better. Let’s find out what you want from life.

The skill is of meditation, quieting the mind, is an ancient practice. NOT mindfulness. It’s ancient for a reason but I’ll let you figure that reason out yourselves. 

Here’s the other reason most refuse to even look at an Eastern point of view like this The Sit. The world is, right now, running on teenage masculine energy. 

Now it’s not male/female here – the silly stereotype – I’m saying masculine. We all have a feminine side and a masculine side and that’s a great thing when we are aware of it. That’s the trick: awareness. 

Most people go through life sound asleep…

Back and forth to work, back and forth to work, come home watch TV or surf the web and off to bed. I know you are busy and can’t do anything else. Over and over and over. Too busy trying to survive to actually LIVE.

I quote Auntie Mame, “Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving!” I always wanted to live that way and because that’s what I thought about everyday “Life is a banquet” there for the taking.

Everyday knowing life is a wonderful overflowing banquet of riches. There for the taking and all I have to do is sit still for 15 minutes a day and think about the future I desire. Seems super easy right?

That teenage masculine energy is not interested in enlightenment or peace. It’s interested in being a bully and winning the game or the other thing that teenagers are interested in! Think about it… This explains so much about what is happening on our daily sicker planet.

Fires, who loves fires? Big, huge waves and storms, oh who loves those? Huge waves splashing over the wall at the beach. 

Who wants all the money?

Money rules, money, money, money more money – who wants all the money? Can you say professional sports! $10 Million a year to play a game. Come on, think about it! And we fans foot the bill, happily. Without a say in anything that goes on in sports! 

Think about it! Where does power go? Where the money is – teenage masculine energy! Gotta have a fancy car to impress. Big shiny watch so everyone will think I’m rich and a pretty girl on my arm to show my friends I’m a stud.

Guys, men, boys I hope you are not offended – this is about masculine energy and all women have it too. Yep, the teenage masculine energy loves cash and awards – it’s fine we are growing up little by little. I want to speed it up.

MKE Certified Guides think for themselves

Ah… the MKE guides! They are the speedy engine to a new wonderful world full of people who think for themselves. No matter what’s on CNN, FOX, FM none of that impacts the self-directed thinker. They think for themselves!

This was Mark’s genius idea, the Certified Guide program. Wow did that change everything. Let’s find people who have taken the Master Key Experience course and see if they like to do some of the work with the budding new members?

Somewhat to my surprise a whole group of former students jumped at the opportunity to be of service to their fellow women and men. What a blessing in this world. These incredible people stood up and said, “What this world really needs is more self-directed thinkers.” 

Not a different leader, not a cleaner swamp, not any and all lives matter, not the literal witnessing of a death of a human being live on social media, none of that trash is the issue.

Becoming Self-Directed

If this world had more people on it who think for themselves such a thing would NEVER happen, never! Self-directed thinkers would never have let that, or the other atrocities, happen live in front of our eyes.

So, they say to me all the time, I know you’re so busy, and…

I am because I know this to be true with all my heart and soul and I am compelled to work even harder to create a world full of self-directed thinkers. 

Whether we realize it or not that is the world we all desire to live in.

Find out more about The Master Key Experience.

Mahalo – The Fabulous Davene

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About the author

Davene Januszewski, CEO of Training Solutions LLC, has been successfully networking and speaking professionally since 1998. She and her husband Mark Januszewski, The World's Laziest Networker are living their dream on the island of Kauai.

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  • Wow, such wisdom, Davene! Reminds me of all the reasons I love, and serve this Master Key Experience you and Mark created. There truly is nothing like it. Thank you for sharing such heart, caring, and for allowing me to assist as one of these guides. Such a treasure!

  • I loved reading your blog Davene. The Masterkey system, and what you, Mark, and the team have created here is a banquet for the subconscious to become self-empowered. The historical learning that has been integrated into the program brings integrity for me and this rates very high is values. That is why I choose to support the wonderful work the MKE offers.

  • Wonderful blog post Davene! I am so grateful to having go thru the MKE and so blessed that I can give something back as a guide. With more and more self-directed thinkers the world are also more and more at its best.

  • Wow you hit on so many good points here, Davene! I agree with how powerful the Sit is (meditation). And that is what leads to real self directed thinking. It leads to knowing yourself. It leads to being grounded in what you know within you. It leads to being strong because you are clear. It leads to inspiration and momentum and creativity… and much more. … I took a coaching course that developed mindfulness and I saw value in that too, but the Sit… and learning it the way Haanel outlines it and by having the support of a mastermind… is to me, THE most valuable and powerful tool there is. Super-great article! Love the iceberg and the duck! 😀 🙂

  • Davene, I enjoyed reading your blog and refreshing my mind with the various gems that you shared. I especially liked your suggestion about the “Sit” and how it ends procrastination forever. Also how the “Sit” helps you to take care of you and it gives your inner world, peace. Thanks for sharing your great thoughts.

  • Yes, becoming a Self-Directed Thinker should be the quest of all human beings who are in search of a better life for them and humanity as a whole, and you and Mark have built a wonderful and powerful tool that is definitely contributing to the acceleration of this movement of humanity towards a higher consciousness…This movement is inevitable because our world is already perfect, just incomplete yet, needing some…purification 🙂 Thank you Davene for your unwavering dedication to this great cause!

  • So many of us are familiar with faking the calm exterior of the duck on the water while wildly paddling beneath the surface. I know I am thankful for what The MKE has done to help me to exude calm and success in all aspects of my life.

  • Gosh I was disappointed to miss listening to you reading this on Clubhouse .
    A world full of self-directed thinkers – imagine that! – definitely NothingLikeIt 🥰🎶

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