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Color Code & Core Motivation — Unlock the Future

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Your color code and core motivation can unlock the future? Yes, it’s true!

At the start of the Master Key Experience (MKE), every student is assigned to a Guide. The Guide is trained to help the student get the maximum benefit out of the course. In order to help Guides communicate, they have been trained on Color Code. Each MKE student takes a Color Code test as part of their Scholarship Application.

Guides then have this color information from the start of the course and use their tribes’ colors in their interactions. This helps Guides communicate in a way to make the members of the tribe feel understand at every turn.

Colors in Daily Life

The Guides are trained to use Color Code and are encouraged to use this in their daily lives. It is a tool that helps to improve communications with others. Guides are encouraged as part of their Color Code training to get their family and friends to take the test to find out what color they are. If you are interested you can click on the link to find out your color.

Looking at Color Code in more detail, there are 4 colors: Red, Blue, Yellow and White. Each has a core motive and typically-associated behaviors.


The core motive for a red person is Power and their natural talents are stated to be Leadership and Vision. Reds are the movers and shakers in society and get things done.


The core motive for a blue person is Intimacy and their natural talents are stated to be Quality and Service. Blues are loyal, sincere and thoughtful. They like to look to develop connections.


The core motive for a yellow person is Fun and their natural talents are stated to be Enthusiasm and Optimism. Yellows always find the time to do what they love to do. They are great at living in the moment.


The core motive for a white person is Peace and their natural talents are stated to be Clarity and Tolerance. Whites offer a model for gentle human dignity. They are able to stay calm in the midst of chaos.

unlock the future

Finding Your Color — Unlock the Future

If you want to find out what color you are and how you can improve your communication and get to the future YOU, click on the link for a free test and report.

Check out my other blog that gives more information on the MKE. If you want to get on the list to apply for the scholarship next September, please click here.

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  • Julie, thanks for your great insights on the color code and how these skills can impact your life and help you to communicate better with your friends, family, work colleagues, your partner, and others.

  • This has been a colorful week! Thanks, Julie for sharing your blog. What is your color? (Write it in the comment) If you don’t know it, take the free test here: Then, let us know!

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