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Be the Light of your Future Vision!

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I strongly believe that a vision can make life simply grand.

Your future vision can be here, now!

My vision makes me see further than just today or tomorrow. 

It magnetizes me to my dream life, the life I am wanting.

I envision a shimmering golden magnet drawing my vision to me. 

Actually, this shimmering gold magnet appeared in a time of silence, known in the Master Key Experience (MKE) as a “sit in silence.”

A vision goes beyond what you can see at this very moment. 

It is your perspective on your possibilities, your growth.

Future Vision Now

A vision is what drives you to see more than you can see right now. 

It gives you courage, strength in difficult times, something to hold on to, and faith.

Your vision reflects that sparkle in your eyes and alights your heart when you talk. 

It makes you wake up in the morning and say: “Yes!” to what you don’t know, or see yet.

love knowing we can turn into visionaries. 

That’s when we make our dreams turn into reality!  

Student of MKE

As a student in MKE, I have learned the importance of visioning AND the importance of adding feeling to the vision. Your future vision can be here, now.

Would you accept my assignment for this week?

  • Sit down in the quiet for a moment, physically close your eyes -but OPEN your eyes figuratively & imagine your dream life (FEEL it!).
  • Perhaps you’d like to start with one aspect of your life that you’d like to be different.
  • Determine what is the belief that is holding you back from attaining your desire.
  • Envision beyond the limiting belief that keeps you from having what you want. 
  • That limiting belief is a crater in your path and jump over it.
  • Now, write down what your first action step can be to move forward to that dream.
  • Manifest your dream by doing whatever it takes! 

And with the steps in the MKE, we have the guidance to know how to do “whatever it takes.”

Jump Over Craters

Enjoy every step of your new, fulfilling journey. Continue to jump over any craters attempting to trip you.

You may trip now and then, but you stand up and jump higher and wider at the next obstacle.

We know it’s about the process of ‘getting there’, not the result, that makes it so amazing. Your future vision can be here, now.

Because it is the journey where we will come to know where our greatness lies. Join us in the fall for the next MKE class.


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About the author

After two decades on the street as one of the first female police officers in Milwaukee, Mary turned to her passion of supporting one's health with plant based eating and practicing & Instructing yoga. She is currently studying Ayurveda, the holistic science and ancient wisdom of the yogis. Mary and her husband have rescued countless street cats, fostered them to good health and found loving homes for them. Her definite major purpose is to have cat cafes existing world-wide. Purrrrrrr

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  • Thanks, Mary! You bring such a peaceful yet encouraging and informative message to the reader/listener. May everyone around you feel this positivity and see the light in their lives.

  • This is outstanding when it comes to highlighting having a vision! Love that you mentioned as well that it’s important to add FEELING to it. As Luc mentioned great use of craters as a metaphor.

  • Thanks, Mary! You bring peace and encouraging message to the reader/listener. May everyone around you feel this positivity and see the light in their lives. Also, thank you for all the lovely Marco Polo’s too!

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